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Volunteers Needed for AVS Garden Party

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  • Carolyn
    The American Vegan Society s Annual Garden Party is a success because of our wonderful volunteers. There are opportunities to help on the day itself, before,
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      The American Vegan Society's Annual Garden Party is a success because of our wonderful volunteers. There are opportunities to help on the day itself, before, and after. Let us know if you are available.
      Fri May 27: Food Prep, Picnic Tables, Tents, Seating, Book Display
      Sat May 28: Food Prep, Picnic Tables, Tents, Seating, Book Display
      Sunday May 29: Food Prep, Parking, Staff Bookroom, Buffet Set-up, Audio Visual assistance
      Monday May 30: Clean-up Party

      FUN & FAMILY FOCUS for GARDEN PARTY in Malaga NJ Sunday May 29 2011

      An outdoor lunch buffet; a presentation by Amie Hamlin on healthful school food options and a songfest for all ages led by Jay Mankita are on this year's program. Activities for young children are planned for early afternoon.

      Parents are encouraged to bring their children to the AMERICAN VEGAN SOCIETY'S 51ST ANNIVERSARY GARDEN PARTY, Sunday May 29 at AVS HQ,
      56 - 72 Dinshah Lane, Malaga NJ 08328.
      Bookroom Open 11am-6pm (include time to explore extensive selection of items for sale)
      Outdoor Lunch 12 Noon, Afternoon Program 2pm

      The extensive luncheon cold and hot buffets will include local and organic produce from South Jersey farms, plant-protein pat├ęs, salads accented by herbs and wild greens, potato salad, burgers, tea and juice beverages; cake and strawberries with cashew cream for dessert.

      Amie Hamlin, Executive Director of New York Coalition for Healthy School Food, will present "Success Stories from New York", describing the changes in food programs throughout her home state. Amie has worked with several districts, including New York City, which has both the highest rates of childhood obesity in the nation and the country's largest school food service. NYCHSF now promotes nutrition education and plant-based entrees in many New York schools. For more
      information, visit www.healthyschoolfood.org.

      Children will enjoy and learn from an interactive performance by environmental entertainer Jay Mankita, who will feature songs from his album "Eat Like a Rainbow". In addition to recording six of his own albums, Jay has also been featured in "Putumayo World Music's Picnic Playground", and the grammy-nominated compilation "Healthy Food For Thought". He has presented concerts to adults and children for twenty-five years, and now tours in a van powered by recycled vegetable oil. For more information, visit www.jaymankita.com.

      Reservation deadline: Tues May 24. This is an inclusive event. All interested people are welcome. Suggested donation: Supporter $50, Adult $25, Low Income/Student/Child $10 or $5. Remit by check or credit card to: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328,
      Phone 856-694-2887 or Fax 856-694-2288.

      More information at www.americanvegan.org
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