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The Incredible JOHN ROBBINS - Wednesday, September 22nd

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  • Carolyn
    Forward message Hi, guys -- I don t mean to be bombarding you with mailings, but I d hate for you to miss tomorrow s show on HealthyLife.net. My guest is the
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      Hi, guys --

      I don't mean to be bombarding you with mailings, but I'd hate for you to miss tomorrow's show on HealthyLife.net.

      My guest is the amazing, inspiring, down-to-earth, and altogether fantastic JOHN ROBBINS. Many of you know him from his bestselling books: the classic DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA, as well as HEALTHY AT 100, FOOD REVOLUTION, and his latest: THE NEW GOOD LIFE: LIVING BETTER THAN EVER IN AN AGE OF LESS.

      For those who don't yet know John, he gave up his share of the Baskin-Robbins empire as a young man to go out on his own and live a simpler life. As fate would have it, he became successful in spite of himself, founded EarthSave, and was living his wife, Deo, their son and daughter-in-law in a lovely home in northern California. Twin grandsons were born and there were problems -- grave disabilities for both babies. The family rearranged itself to care for them, and John sought investment advice to assure their care for life. He was led to a supposedly iron-clad investment expert: Bernie Madoff. John and Deo lost everything and had to start over at the time in life when most people are looking toward retirement.

      This is an incredible story of love, commitment, and bouncing back from tragedy. We'll talk about that, about "the new good life," and about the vegan lifestyle that John helped make mainstream with Diet for a New America and other books. This is a not-to-be-missed show.

      Please tune in live online at 9 a.m. Pacific, 10 Mountain, 11 Central, or noon Eastern tomorrow, September 22. The url is www.healthylife.net.

      If you can't listen live, the show will be archived at www.healthylife.net within 8 hours of the broadcast. It's called The Victoria Moran Show.

      'Hope you can join us --
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