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T. Coliin Campbell - Launching a Plant Based Food Movement

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  • Carolyn
    Forwarded Message: We are all more or less familiar with Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his book The China Study , cowritten with his son. His son, Glenn, is now
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2010
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      We are all more or less familiar with Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his book "The China Study", cowritten with his son. His son, Glenn, is now taking a most interesting and important step to bring vegetarianism to the forefront of mainstream America, which is something that I would think we would all subscribe to. Take a read and act accordingly.........thanks.........Len

      Subject: Launching a movement


      My name is Nelson Campbell and I am the son of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, a leading science advocate of a plant-based diet and author of the best-selling book, “The China Study.”

      My father and I are launching an effort with like-minded friends and colleagues that we hope expands into a mainstream movement. Our mission is to help people everywhere take charge of their health through plant-based nutrition. We believe the time is right for change. It seems there is a crisis wherever we turn, often rooted in corporate and/or governmental corruption. Many people are frustrated and angry, but for that reason, are also more open than ever to new ideas.

      To accomplish our long-term mission, we first need to establish a critical mass of early support. And this is what brings us to you. As we considered how to secure this support, we decided to reach out first to organizations like yours â€" local and regional organizations across the U.S. and Canada that share our mission.

      We have launched a simple website at www.campbellcoalition.com, and hope you can take some time to review this and to watch the short YouTube video. If this looks like something your organization can get behind, we would love for you to consider the following:

      1) An email blast to let everyone connected with your organization informing them of our effort and website at www.campbellcoalition.com, especially encouraging them to watch and share with friends the YouTube video.

      2) Links on your website to our blog and the video, along with a descriptive banner. (We intend to blog regularly, including a blog from my father, and to develop a newsletter and additional videos as we secure the resources to do so.)

      3) Communicating our story to your audience in whatever other ways you can think of.

      Thank you for taking the time to consider this. If you want to discuss with me further our plans and how you can help, please feel free to contact me. We are starting from the grassroots and want to be as accessible as possible to people like you.

      Before closing, I would like to give you this link to our YouTube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDAJKcuY9RQ.

      I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

      Nelson Campbell
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