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  • carolyngithens
    Apr 19, 2009
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      April 2009

      Dear Friends:

      It is time to check the www.americanvegan.org website for updates.

      Announcement of our Annual Garden Party in May, with downloadable poster, and print-friendly copy.

      A list of this year's National Conferences that promote a vegan message, with links.

      Regional Events where American Vegan Society will be tabling, beginning with
      *Saturday April 18 & *Sunday April 19 2009
      Event information: http://libwww.freelibrary.org/bookfestival/
      Linda Long will be signing copies of her book Great Chefs Cook Vegan.
      Christina Pirello, This Crazy Vegan Life, presentation on Saturday at noon in the Skyline Salon
      Our booth is #23, at 19th and Vine.

      *Sunday April 26 2009 PHILADELPHIA FOOD & HEALTH EXPO Philadelphia PA
      Event information: www.BeatCancer.org Program tickets for part-time helpers (limited number).
      Dr Joel Fuhrman speaks.
      AVS is tabling with books, and doing a cooking demo.

      The Spring issue of American Vegan is just off the press.

      Remember to check our list of vegan cooking classes, and to tell us about any to add.

      We hope to see many of you during the coming months.
      Best wishes,

      Freya Dinshah and the AVS staff.


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