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563We're Vegan! - new children's book

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  • carolyngithens
    Jun 1, 2014
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      I thought you might be interested In my book: We're Vegan! It is an exciting new children's book that explains veganism, without being complicated or preachy. 

      Written for children aged three to eight, it's been called "the most age-appropriate" of vegan books for children on the market, yet is enjoyed by adults too!

      image002.jpg@01CF55E3Petra and John are vegans. But what does that really mean? And why are so many people going vegan? And what DO vegans eat? This book makes it all clear. The vivid drawings and rhyming verses will delight children aged three to eight, and explain the vegan philosophy clearly to both vegans and non-vegans of all ages. This book addresses THE social justice issue of the century: how humans treat the non-human animals that they share the planet with.

      Here's what readers are saying about the book:

      "I was expecting only a child's book, but much to my surprise this is written in such a clever way that adults will enjoy it, also. It's a "Vegan 101" for all of us!"

      "The writing is delightful & the illustrations are vivid...great for a child or even an adult."

      "This book is absolutely delightful! It has great illustrations and a fun story to read that does a great job explaining veganism to kids. Parents who are raising their kids vegan or vegetarian will not be disappointed."

      Kindest regards,

      Anna Bean xx