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519AVS Holiday Celebration Dinner

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  • carolyngithens
    Nov 29, 2013
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      Holiday Celebration Dinner
      The American Vegan Society will host its 2013 Holiday Celebration Dinner in mid-December. Due to its popularity, and to accommodate more people wishing to attend, the dinner will be offered on two nights: Monday December 16 and Tuesday December 17 2013 (6:30pm), and will take place at Carême’s Gourmet Restaurant, the Academy of Culinary Arts, Atlantic Cape Community College, Mays Landing NJ. The public is invited to experience a meal of exceptional quality prepared and served by culinary students under the direction of their chef-educator, and may choose to attend on Monday or Tuesday. Dinner music will be by Robert “Sitar Bob” Price. Reservations are requested by December 9. Thereafter phone for seating availability. For information see americanvegan.org, or call 856-694-2887.
      Freya Dinshah
      More info: 
      Choose to attend on either Monday December 16 or Tuesday December 17
      Adult: $32, Student/Low Income: $22, Supporter $50.
      For reservations :
      Phone: 856-694-2887, Fax: 856-694-2288
      Mail: AVS, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328
      Online: www.americanvegan.org with PayPal
      AVS accepts Visa, MasterCard & Discover/Novus.
      Menu will be posted at www.americanvegan.org when available.
      Dinner seating time is 6:30 pm Come early for kitchen and greenhouse tours, and to view book table.