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250Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck in Vineland

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  • Carolyn
    Nov 10, 2010
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      Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck in Vineland
      Sunday, November 14, 2010
      3 p.m.
      (at private home in Vineland -- RSVP to mgrigonis@... for full address)

      Suggested foods:

      Tofurky! Show your support at Shoprite for finally carrying Tofurkies this holiday season. If you've accumulated $300 worth of purchases in the last month, you will be eligible for a free Tofurky. If not, they are $17.99 (but displayed in the meat department!)

      "The Three Sisters" dishes -- anything with corn, beans, and/or squash, as was traditionally present in Native American harvest celebrations.

      Or, just bring anything you want and have fun!