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220Special Central Jersey Vegetarian Group Event

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  • Carolyn
    Sep 19, 2010
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      Special Central Jersey Vegetarian Group Event: Speakers, Food, Demo, Music

      To Our Health

      For Ourselves

      For Our Planet

      October 30, 2010, 2-6 PM

      Loving Hut Ledgewood

      538 Route 10 West, Ledgewood, NJ 07852


      2:00 Cooking Demo, by Loving Hut Chef Michelle

      2:30 How Being Vegan Saved My Life, by Barbara Ellicott

      3:00 The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet, by Todd Cramer

      3:30 Vegan Desserts, by Sharon Gordon Valencik

      4:00 Live music, by Sharleen Leahey

      Dr. Barbara Ellicott is a 68 -year young award-winning licensed
      Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP), psychologist, author, marathon
      runner, vegan, and motivational and inspirational speaker on the
      subjects of diet, exercise, health and spirituality. She is currently
      an ambassador for PCRM (Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine
      on the subject of "Healthy Hearts"). Her website is

      Todd Cramer is the executive director at Noah's Ark Animal Welfare
      Association in Ledgewood, NJ. Todd was a regional director with the
      American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Todd began
      to explore the benefits of a plant-based diet after serving on a
      response team during a disaster response at a Certified Humane Pig
      Farm in Colorado. He has been a popular animal welfare industry
      speaker, presenting at events such as Petfinder.com Adoption Options,
      the Humane Society of the United States Expo and the Animal Welfare
      Federation of NJ conference. The website is www.noahsarknj.org

      Sharon Gordon Valencik has been vegetarian for 25 years and vegan for
      many of these. She comes from a lineage of artistic chef matriarchs
      and has been baking since age five. She now enjoys traveling in search
      of vegan restaurants and is active in the New York City/New Jersey
      vegan community. She enjoys creating unique, simple and delicious
      vegan desserts as well as main courses and appetizers with a global
      flair. Her site www.sweetutopia.com has more information, recipes and
      a link to her blog.

      Sharleen Leahey has been writing and performing topical folk music for
      over 30 years. From 1993-1999 she was the founding editor of "Songs
      for Peace" magazine, publishing over 100 songs on peace, human rights
      and ecological responsibility. Sharleen's music echos the rising
      chorus of voices, on lands distant and near, urging us to rise above
      tribalism and greed to create planetary harmony and healing for us
      all. Contact: songs4peace@... • www.cdbaby.com/cd/leahey

      For restaurant information, go to: http://lovinghut.us/ledgewood