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184Dr. T. Colin Campbell Lecture in New York City—February 17 2010

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  • Carolyn
    Feb 15, 2010
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      Dr. T. Colin Campbell Lecture in New York City—February 17 2010

      Change Your Diet: Save Your Life
      T. Colin Campbell PhD, author The China Study, contrasts the outcomes of animal-based and plant-based food habits. He cuts through the haze of misinformation to show how what we eat affects our susceptibility to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and how we age.

      Dr. Campbell is in New York City this Wednesday, February 17th, through The Learning Annex at 6:15 at The Tudor Hotel, 304 East 42nd Street. He is disappointed at the enrollment so far—probably on account of interested people not knowing about his class. Come if you can, and alert the masses on your networks or invite some friends in NYC with a few phone calls. It is such a great thing that he is in NYC; he should feel very welcomed. And, we would all get to see each other! (Per message from Linda Long)

      For information and to register:

      Other opportunities to hear Dr Campbell, including a webinar, are listed on his website: