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Van de Graaff as a Particle Accelerator

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  • tjstanton
    New to the list but a search on accelerators shows a few remarks and/or comments by folks who ve managed to do it. I m contemplating finishing an accelerator
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2005
      New to the list but a search on "accelerators" shows a few remarks
      and/or comments by folks who've managed to do it. I'm contemplating
      finishing an accelerator project that I started 42 years ago and
      tabled until now. I only could afford a 20Kv power supply, a tube,
      motor, and one set of pulleys before I gave up. In the meantime I got
      a chance to work with some college kids on a 2nd generation homebrew
      system built in one of the college out buildings. A tinkerer's dream
      that was. I only saw it run full tilt boogie once. Otherwise we were
      constantly fiddling with it. So, I have some experience in this

      Today I would love to talk off list with anyone who's managed to
      accomplish particle acceleration. I'm envisioning a machine with a
      16" dia X 24" terminal that sits inside a tank filled with compressed
      nitrogen and achieve a beam voltage near 1MeV. I figure I will need
      to build a few prtotypes but the idea is a vertical machine about 40"
      tall with a stack of equipotential rings that split voltage down the
      column using HV resistors. Each ring attaches to an acceleration tube
      terminal. The tube is a stack of aluminum disks and glass cylinders
      built using Apezion (sp?) adhesive and attached to a high vacuum
      system built off ebay parts. The disks focus the beam by creating
      electric fields between the different potentials. The proton source
      is cribbed from SciAm (RF from an old auto induction coil).

      There is a lot I have yet to figure out, and I'm certain it's a sign
      of my age, but what the hell?

      Anyone willing to chat? I would welcome and appreciate your insight.
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