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  • Richard R. Linder
    The stretch is minimal so it might be a problem. But, because of that, the opposite sides of the belt cannot pull in toward each other and touch. My more
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      The stretch is minimal so it might be a problem. But, because of that, the opposite sides of the belt cannot pull in toward each other and touch. My more stretchy belts attracted each other due to opposite charge on the up and down side.  This really screwed up the charge transfer.
      Because of this minimal stretch characteristic the roller crowns have to be much less pronounced than with stretchy stuff because it won't wrap around a severe curve. In spite of all this, if you're going to build another VDG I would include belt tension adjustment and even roller camber adjustment so you can have the freedom of a wide choice of belt materials.
      Take a look at my pictures of the roller assemblies and you can see how I implemented roller adjustment. 
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      From: questorth
      Sent: Thursday, March 31, 2005 11:17 PM
      Subject: [VanDeGraaffGenerator] Re: Question for Richard...

      Thanks for the information!  :)  Does this material stretch at all? 
      I know one of the reasons you selected it was because it didn't
      stretch much.  For my current project I probably won't have any
      tension adjustment ability, so I need at least a LITTLE bit of
      flexibility, do you think this will be a problem for me?

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      <linder@c...> wrote:
      > Hi Paul & fellow VDG forum members:
      > Info re vinyl/nylon belt material>>>
      > Manufactured by Mauritzon Inc., 3939 W. Belden Ave., Chicago, IL,
      > I purchased it from McMaster Carr.   http://www.mcmaster.com/
      > McMaster Carr catalog number 8810K21
      > You can search on the catalog number to get the latest price or any
      keyword to explore other stuff
      > They accept credit card orders.
      > McMaster shipped the stuff to me in the same container that they
      received it from Mauritzon. The Mauritzon part number is  MCM FT-
      VLN1301-10     I think the MCM stands for McMaster and the rest of
      the number is the Mfgs part number.
      > Description is white 60" wide 13 oz  .0154" thick F.R. Vinyl
      Laminated Nylon.
      > I used Weldon #16 acrylic cement for the splices.  I could not find
      it locally but managed to locate it at http://www.lifereef.com    
      Lifereef Filter Systems.  Owned by "Jeff" who builds custom
      aquariums. I bought my first VDG plexi tube from him plus the
      Weldon.  He's a nice guy and wants to build a VDG some day.
      > Splicing is not too difficult.
      > First you want to cut a strip of material the proper width and
      several inches longer than your belt length. Thread the strip onto
      your VDG so the excess length is draped over the top roller and one
      end of the strip is laying over the other. Slide the top strip a bit
      to one side exposing the edge of the strip underneath. Make an index
      mark on the edge of both strips.  When making the splice, these two
      marks will be aligned to ensure the belt is the correct length
      > Get a clean flat board a bit wider than the belt and a couple of
      feet long. You lay the two ends of the strip on top of the board so
      the long edges of the strip are lined up straight. I used an aluminum
      yardstick to do this or you can use the edge of the board if it is
      straight.  While doing this, also overlap the ends of the strip such
      that the index marks are about  5/16" offset from each other in the
      direction to make the belt LONGER  Tape the strips to the board to
      hold them in line. Using a razor blade cut through both layers of the
      belt. The cut should be at about a 30 degree angle. It is not fussy
      because the angle will be the same for both ends. Untape one of the
      strips and slide it along until you have a 5/16 inch overlap and now
      retape the strip.

      > Slide a piece of wax paper between the belt strips and the board to
      protect the board from excess glue and so you won't glue the belt to
      the board!  You'll need another piece of wax paper for the top
      because....you want to lay a strip of wood along the splice and clamp
      it to the board with a couple of C clamps. Clamping the splice will
      keep it flat and result in a good weld.
      > With the belt in place, wax paper under the belt and wax paper,
      wood strip and C clamps ready, lift the top piece of vinyl, apply the
      glue with a cotton swab and lower the piece back down onto the glue.
      Press down with your fingers to make sure there is good contact, wipe
      of excess glue and then clamp the wood strip in place. Don't forget
      the 2nd piece of wax paper under the clamping strip.
      > I let it sit overnight which is probably more than necessary. I
      would practice a bit with short pieces just to get a feel for how
      much glue to use, working time etc etc. Depending on the belt width
      and length you might want to experiment  with different splice
      overlaps. The 5/16 inch is arbitrary and is somewhat dependent on the
      diameter of your rollers.
      > In the case of the big VDG, my belt has three splices due to the
      fact it the belt almost fifteen feet long.  I called Mauritzon and
      asked if they could supply it in 6 inch strips and they said it would
      be a "special" and they would have to sell me 10,000 feet to justify
      a special run. Therefore three splices...no big deal.
      > I am using this material in both VDGs now with great results. In
      both VDGs the bottom roller is nylon and the top is teflon in the
      small VDG and PVC in the big VDG.
      > By the way, the ouside surface of the belt is that which has an
      embossing like a checkerboard. You can turn it inside out and try it
      but I found that checkerboard facing out was the best.
      > Hope this helps
      > Best wishes..Dick

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      >   From: questorth
      >   To: VanDeGraaffGenerator@yahoogroups.com
      >   Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 1:18 PM
      >   Subject: [VanDeGraaffGenerator] Question for Richard...
      >   Richard,
      >   I am interested in making a belt with the same material you have
      >   mentioned in the past.  Could you give me the exact catalog #, I
      >   haven't been able to find anything under the name you mentioned. 
      >   would also appreciate it if you could give me instructions
      >   (pictures?? :) on doing the splice effectively.
      >   Thanks!
      >   Paul
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