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FW: Visitacion Valley Planning Alliance meeting, September 14

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  • Linda McKay
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      Subject: Visitacion Valley Planning Alliance meeting, September 14


      Saturday, September 14
      10 am – 12 pm
      Visitacion Valley Library - Community Room Leland Avenue (at corner of Rutland Avenue)


      San Bruno Avenue/Clear Channel Parking Lot

      Clear Channel, which owns the property on the east side of San Bruno Avenue between Mansell and Harkness Avenues (beneath the billboard) is hoping to build a parking lot for its vehicles, as well as a large storage shed. The existing “castle” building tenants have already left.
      This is not an appropriate use for this site given the residential character of the neighborhood. There will also be increased traffic in the morning and evening and the problem of employee parking. We need to discuss possible actions to keep that side of San Bruno Avenue free from being developed in such a manner. The billboard already has degraded the neighborhood.

      Park Issues in Visitacion Valley

      1) We have not discussed open space issues in the Valley for some time.
      Recently there was a great presentation about Bayview Hill by Roana Tirado, SPUR Patri Fellow from Cornell University. I will give a synopsis of her presentation and we can discuss how to better engage the public in what happens to Bayview Hill in the future. Right now the Hill does not have an advocacy group and has been at the mercy of developers and shortsighted politicians. Hopefully, enough interest will be generated here and in the surrounding neighborhoods to create a Friends of Bayview Hill group (yet to be actually named) in the near future to represent the interests of the public and to protect what is left of the Hill.

      2) McLaren Park south of Mansell Street in Visitacion Valley has been notoriously neglected. The difference between the northern and southern areas of McLaren Park are profound and reflect the City’s ongoing and long term neglect of the Valley in general. It is time that we assert ourselves to get the park improvements that should have been done long ago in the Valley. Prop B has allocated 12 million dollars for McLaren Park capital improvements ($50-$60 million is actually needed). Given the sacrifices our neighborhood makes on behalf of the entire City, it is clear that we need to advocate for the McLaren Park areas adjacent to Visitacion Valley.

      Update on other Valley issues
      Refreshments will be served
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