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Fw: Puppies in need

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    Can anyone help this friend of mine w/ the unusual request?  Jean ... IM SEEKING TO RENT A BACK YARD FOR $300 A MONTH PRICE NEGOTIABLE Dear guide, friends.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 9, 2013
      Can anyone help this friend of mine w/ the unusual request?  Jean

      --- On Fri, 4/5/13, Gonzalo Rojas <creations22gonzalo@...> wrote:


      Dear guide, friends.

      I hope this one, will get through as it should.

      I'm a guide, member of the SFTGG,
      Since I've had a very dramatic turn of events, I'm going through an emergency, that forced me to ask for your help.

      I have a weimereimer dog who just happen to give birth to 11 Weimaraner puppies just a week and a half ago. (and I've been lucky so far to have the support of my friends to help but theirs, is also running short)

      I had this litter of puppies, all planned out and anticipated with the owner of the stud male, (who gave the sperm for a perfect match.) and (were to raise the puppies at their home, which has a back yard in Napa valley. We were to split all the costs.
      But his plans changed, when offered a new job! He had to change his mind last minute, and our arrangement fell through. Causing me grate difficulties.

      I had to immediately move out of my studio and turned out to be in desperate need for a place to live, that will necessarily have to have a suitable environment for me to raise the puppies.

      Because of all this, my financial condition has received a shock!!! and because of the circumstances I was also forced to stop working. In order to face responsibly this reality.
      I'm looking for an arrangement that will allow me to survive, by paying a minimal for the time being.
      I could only think of one feasible scenario, and that will be to find;

      -- a yard only --

      Yes, as odd as it may sound, I said..."a yard! only". Where I could "set up two tents" I could not afford anything else in the web sites around the Bay Area. (knowing also, that there would be restrictions for someone under my circumstances.)

      "A yard with grass in it, surrounded by a fence, will do." where I will camp out for the spring time if necessary.

      By camping out, I mean; Me in one tent and the dogs in the other. "I'm good at Camping", and will not hesitate to do so. Especially for this noble cause.
      The puppies already opened their eyes and are beginning to walk. I'm proud to have gotten this far and I think I can pull it through. (I can take showers at the Gym)
      Even if I wanted to, I could not give them away since they will need mothers milk for two month. Also the mother, "Java" is like a daughter to me, we have bonded and are inseparable.

      I Will do this, until the puppies are ready to be sold, or given away if necessary.
      This is not your average dog and must be given only, to "mature and experienced future parents, whom will know the special needs of this sophisticated breed!
      I Will need this yard for at least 4 month, the necessary time to "question properly" the prospect future parents for the puppies. A hugh requirement professed by all breeders of this "very exercising" & demanding breed. So that I may give this litter of healthy puppies the required home.

      I would very much appreciate a prompt response, from anyone that might have, or may know someone who has a yard, anywhere in the bay area. I will love to pay the price required... If I can afford it.

      Non the less, I must say the pups and mother, are in optimal health! and they're adorable, as you would probably confirm in the pictures below.

      I thank so much everybody who took their precious time to read this, and if possibly helping me to find the yard.
      Thanks in advance, I look forward to your response.

      My Cell# is: (415) 693-8101
      Gonzalo Rojas.

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