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Schlage Lock Meeting Tuesday 6pm + minutes

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      May CAC Minutes below...





      Tuesday, June 14, 2011 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

      Meeting Location Recology SF

      Environmental Learning Center

      401 Tunnel Avenue


      1. Approval of May meeting minutes (Action Item)

      2. Remediation Update– (5 min)

      3. Status of Redevelopment (10 minutes)

      4. Interim Use for JPB Site - Blanken Avenue Parking Lot (5 minutes)

      5. OPA Overview - (20 minutes)

      6. Member Announcements - (5 minutes)

      7. Public comment

      8. Adjournment


      May 2011 MINUTES


      Visitacion Valley Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)Visitacion Valley Redevelopment Project Area

      Tuesday, May 10, 2011 Draft Meeting Minutes

      Attendees: Brad Drda, Fran Martin, Chris Barnett, Russell Morine, Anne Seeman, Inskip James, Edith Epps and Tara Hui. Absent: Michelle LaFlue, Paul McLaughlin, Doug Fong and Edith Epps

      Staff: Lila Hussain, Kelley Kahn, Christina Garcia, Astrid Zometa (SFRA). Fran chaired the meeting.


      1. Approval of March minutes

      February meeting minutes were adopted with no corrections

      2. Remediation Update

      Scott Alman reported good news that on April 29th they have received clearance from DTSC for the northern portion of the project (north of Visitacion Avenue). There will be an additional round of injections later this year, perhaps this June.

      3. Job Readiness Initiative Update

      Christina Garcia (SFRA) reported on the RFP results for Job Readiness Initiative program (JRI). This is the workforce program to serve redevelopment project areas. On March 10, 2011, the Agency released an RFP to cover the next 18 months of service as part of three year intiative in soliciting workforce development service for 1000 job seekers across all of our project areas.. Christina Charles and Tara Hui sat on the selection committee to represent the CAC. Three contractors were selected for JRI. We have a reduction in budget for Visitacion Valley JRI due to budget contrants from source funds i.e. reduction in CDBG funds. Christina Garcia distributed a memo summarizing the selection process and outcomes for JRI. ` The Agency is recommending three organizations for funding: Goodwill Industries, Conservation Corps, and Asian Neighborhood Design. Chris Jackson from VVCDC would really like to see more local organizations receive these grants. He recommended that the Agency make an effort to fund

      more local organizations in the next funding cycle.

      Steve Suzuki from Asian Neighborhood Design (AND) gave a brief overview of their organization. AND is being recommended for a grant amount of $100,000 for 18 month time period to serve Visitacion Valley

      residents. The contracts will be executed for a 12 month period with a six month extension when the FY12-13 budget is approved. Mr. Morine asked more information about the outcomes, AND is contracted to serve 25 people at $4000 per person. AND will be providing services for SOMA residents as well. Anders and Anders are not being funded after their 12 month.

      Several participants of the JRI from Conservation Corps and Goodwill were in attendance and gave testimonies on how the program changed their lives for the better. Avery Cooper, Steve George from Conservation Corps and Goodwill gave testimony on how their lives have changed by being part of the JRI program.


      4. Caltrain Service Cut Meetings

      Todd McIntyre, Community Relation Manager from Caltrain gave a presentation to discuss

      Caltrain’s fiscal crisis and the proposed services cuts. Mr. McIntyre highlighted the history of

      Caltrans and the history of the structural deficit. There is $30.3 million structural deficit.

      Caltrain relies on one-time funds & creative service solutions to balance budgets. The economic

      downturn makes financial support from partners unstable, and State funding remains uncertain.

      Caltrain has no dedicated funding source. Caltrain proposed closing stations earlier this year.

      Caltrain used three criteria to propose closure (1) ridership and revenue (2) transit connections

      and (3) proximity to neighboring stations.

      Over the last couple of months, Caltrain worked with MTC to fill the budget gaps, now they are

      proposing no station closures, but they are still $3.5 million short from maintaining service with no cuts. Funds to fill the $3.5 million shortfall have been tentatively identified and requested from MTC. The propose budget voting will be held on June 20th for the 2012 budget, if

      approved, there may be station closures. CAC members recommended the Caltrain do a better

      job of marketing their service. CAC member, Edith Epps also recommended improving access to

      the Bayshore station.


      5. Status of Redevelopment and OPA Timeline

      Kelley Kahn (SFRA) gave an update on the status of elimination of Redevelopment Agencies. Last time the elimination was up to the vote was one vote shy of eliminating redevelopment. There is no new update, the Agency feels cautiously optimistic, but the proposal to eliminate redevelopment Agency may resurface in May as budget talks resume. There will probably be some new legislation in the near term that propose reform to redevelopment. Staff will share new legislative updates. Kelley also mentioned that UPC and the Redevelopment Agency are in negotiations for an OPA for the Schlage Lock site. The Agency will have to go to the Redevelopment Commission to get the OPA approved. At the next meeting, the Agency will discuss the OPA at the next meeting. Steven urged CAC members to contact local legislators such as Senator Leland Yee, Ma, Ammiano and Leno to continue to support the agency.

      6. Member Announcements (5 minutes)

      SFPUC will unveil of the Sunnydale sewer boring machine will take place on Thursday, 11:00am -

      12:00pm DPW May 18th tour of the New Library at noon.

      History Project presents: “Vis Valley during the Mid-Century”. There will be a Art Show on May 20th.

      7. Public Comment :

      No public comment.

      8. Adjournment:

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