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Exec park special meeting 2/10

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  • Katharine Pearce
    Yes the meeting has come and gone and how many folks knew about this from the Vis Valley Advisory Meeting where we talked about hooking up with the whole
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 11, 2011
      Yes the meeting has come and gone and how many folks knew about this from the Vis Valley Advisory Meeting where we talked about hooking up with the whole community? I'm here to tell you what is happening with the Yerby property just south of the Candlestick Town Homes and the other new properties  on "Bayview Hill". Mr. Yerby wants to retire and turn his unsuccessful business park into condos. A lot of work has been done to make this gleam in the eye 11,000 unit facility an attractive area. If you are curious come to the Open House on March 10th, then there are the Planning Department meetings 3/17 that will give information on the project, April 7 it goes into the Initiation Process to the Planning Dept. and on May 5 Yerby hopes to get the certification to build this project. The community will be invited to sound in on the actual architectural plans after these meeting.

      From tonight's conversation the Yerby property may go into bankruptcy if the change of zoning doesn't happen by May 5 and we MAY be facing a worse prospect for the office buildings there. Claude Everhardt has done his best to make this a community project funded by private funds; it's important that we listen to and contribute to one of the only listening developers as to what we'd like to see erected in the Candlestick/Vis Valley area. I've agreed to support this project through the change of zoning process; if we all come together to tweak the condo plans I really think we can make a lovely community that will have safe access to Candlestick Park, safe parking & housing without a gate, and a few business to boot.

      Please keep your ears out for more meetings on the changes in the Hunter PT. Candlestick area, and send meeting schedules to local papers. Changing the former Candlestick dump area to high scale living without community input would be a very sad message to poor communities over the country; SF Bay is the most beautiful scene in CA (without the ocean salt destruction) and a prime location for America Cup watchers. Let's make this a place where those who have lived here a long time or who bought in at an iffy time are rewarded by their tenacity.

      Claude can you please pass this message along to the other attendees of our meeting tonight. Thanks, Kathy Pearce 540 Blanken

      Tuesday, February 8, 2011 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
      Meeting Location Recology SF Environmental Learning Center
      401 Tunnel Avenue San Francisco, CA 94134
      1. Approval of January meeting minutes (Action Item)
      2. Remediation Update – (5 min)
      3. Governor's Budget Proposal Update – SFRA Staff (5 minutes)
      4. Schlage Lock Historic Commemoration Process Overview and Next Steps -Page and Turnbull (30 min)
      5. Hunters Point Shipyard Public Art Process (case study) - Amabel Akwa-Asare, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (20 min)
      6. Member Announcements - (5 min)
      7. Public comment
      8. Adjournment

      Attendees: Christ Barnett, Fran Martin, Anne Seeman, Inskip James, Edith Epps, Douglas Fong, Brad Drda, Paul McLaughlin, and Russel Morine
      Absent: Christina Charles, Larry Jones
      Agency Staff: Lila Hussain and Kelley Kahn, SFRA Redevelopment Agency
      Russel Morine, Chaired the Meeting
      1. December meeting minutes were approved
      2. Remediation Update
      Scott Almond-MACTEC gave an update. Injections were completed in December. Soil gas sampling has been delayed due to rains. They expect to do the sampling later in January.
      3. Prospective Home Buyer Research for Market Rate Housing-Polaris Group
      Polaris Group (Chris Foley and Miles Farber) and UPC gave a general presentation on market rate housing. This presentation is in response to CAC comments to get a sense of might be the future buyers for the Schlage Lock site. Polaris Group discussed marketing rate house looking at comparables developments. Chris Foley talked about several projects they have recently sold such as Top Vision, Candlestick Cove, Glen Park, Sierra Heights, Bayside Vista, and 888 7th Street etc. Overall there is a demand for family homes or families buying multiple units. Three bedrooms are slower to sell, but there is a demand. Schlage Lock will consist of housing that has a broad spectrum of demographics, similar to Candlestick Cove and Bayside Vista. Russel Morine noted that it is important for the marketing group to really get to know the existing amenities within the community.
      4. Presentation by the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) about its Community Needs Assessment project.
      DCYF is visiting neighborhoods to receive input about the greatest needs of children and youth in the city to help plan future programs and funding. DCYF distributed a survey and led a discussion asking.
      Greg Rojas from DCYF provided a general introduction of the Department. DCYF is currently conducting a citywide Community Needs Assessment, which they are required to complete every three years to inform how our department allocates its budget. DCYF is a unique city department in that is was created in 1991 when voters passed a ballot initiative known as the Children's Amendment. This amendment required that a portion of property taxes each year—3 cents per $100 of assessed value – be dedicated to services to address the needs of children, youth and their families. DCYF was created to oversee how those funds are spent. Typical DCYF services include: 2
      Child Care and Early Education programs
      Family Support programs
      Wellness programs
      After school and summer programs
      Youth Employment programs
      Youth Empowerment and Leadership programs for teens
      Violence Prevention & Intervention
      Harder and Company (DCYF consultants) led an input session that asking several questions about the status and need for services for youth and families.
      The main questions discussed were:
      1. What are the types of services that are most helpful for children and youth?
      2. Why is there a shortage of services?
      3. What are the greatest challenges from children, youth and families in Visitacion Valley?
      4. In the future, what three types of services would you like to see for children, youth and families?
      DCYF will provide detailed summary of their notes to the Agency.
      5/6. CAC Member Announcement and Public Comment- None
      7. Meeting Adjourned 8:00pm

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