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RE: [Valley_Eye] Re: Candlestick wetlands

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  • Edie Epps
    This article refers to it and I think it was his second trip in 1990…
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      This article refers to it and I think it was his second trip in 1990…  http://articles.sfgate.com/2007-08-06/news/17257943_1_golden-gate-park-new-waterfront-park-military-base/2   Also they might have more info at the State Park office there at Candlestick Point. 




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      Thanks for the information on Humphrey, Edie. I read that to younger groups on hikes, especially when we visit the baby Blue Whale bones (washed up at Ft. Funston) near the Marin Headlands native plant nursery and/or the Marine Mammal Center. The book has a map of his travels, yet I didn't realize the Yosemite Slough was on his route; I understand he made more than one trip into the Bay, though. Wonder if all the youth outdoor/environmental education programs, combined, might have any influence, at this point. I also read the last building-it article.

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      And to think that Humphrey the Whale was a visitor for a few days at Yosemite Slough back about 20+ yrs.  Looking forward to a cleanup also…it really is a shame and dumping ground.  I had also heard that the bridge had passed but thanks for the add’l. info.



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      The last I heard in the Chronicle, the bridge across Yosemite Slough is still going to be built. The lawsuits with environmentalists were settled, I believe, although the situation is far from ideal.

      A friend of mine who is very active in local environmental issues, especially with the Lennar corporation development of the HP shipyard, said he heard that there'd be some slough restoration, but still a bridge built across it.

      I took a field trip with an oceanography class at SFSU to the Yosemite Slough last semester. We walked to an old drainage pipe that the instructor called a sewage pipe, although I think it was for overfill from street runoff. Either way, it smelled like a sewer and looked terribly blighted. The slough looks pretty trashed with shopping carts and bottles and huge chunks of concrete stuck in the mud. Whatever happens, I'm rallying to see the place being more habitable for the local flora and fauna, the oily parts cleaned up, and the human-generated debris moved away. It's a shame, in my opinion, that the only way this seems to be able to get done is through the building of a bridge. May folks not toss out their butts and cans on trips back from a game.

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