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Re: [Valley_Eye] book research

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  • Sasanna
    Anne, what an awesome idea! I know of at least two people who¹d fit the descriptions of ³local senior² and/or ³lived on a farm². My father and
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 19, 2011
      Re: [Valley_Eye] book research Anne, what an awesome idea!  I know of at least two people who’d fit the descriptions of “local senior” and/or “lived on a farm”.  My father and grandmother did not have a farm in VV, but they have lived and worked most of their life on a farm in Guangdong (Canton), China.  Our garden here in VV is kept by my mother and grandmother.  I can conduct some interviews with them, but first let’s develop some interview questions together.

      Looking forward to collaborating with everyone on this unique children’s book!


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      Thanks, Edie! I would love help from the History Project. Have you been able to find anyone who worked on the Greenway back when it was a Victory Garden? I remember unearthing a letter to the editor written in the 1980's, from someone who had been involved in that, but is probably no longer alive. She made an eloquent case for keeping the lots as open space, based on her experience in the gardens. Let's keep in touch - I notice you have an exciting event coming up, and I'll try to get to it.Anne

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            Sounds like an exciting idea, Anne!   Two thoughts would be of course to include the Visitacion Valley variety of heirloom tomato and the other is that VVHP can maybe put you in touch with individuals whose relatives had farms in VV!  Hope you can incorporate the windmills too…   Good Luck and look forward hearing more about it!   edie    
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        Greetings neighbors,       
         I have met so many people while working on the Vis. Valley Greenway, some of whom are vastly more knowledgeable about gardening than I am. Inspired by this, I have an idea for a children's book about gardening, that will include gardening tips and folklore, as well as simple recipes, from the various cultures of our community. I will be working with some of the community gardeners, but would like all interested in this to please contact me. We will begin by interviewing people. I envision including children's illustrations, and would especially like to contact local seniors and anyone who has lived on a farm. It is a chance to showcase our neighborhood, which I believe is characteristic of modern urban America. Please get in touch with me by phone or email. I can't think of any book like this, so it seems a good time to do it. I'd appreciate your help, and consider this a collaborative project.  
        Anne Seeman  
        415-467-8721, 415-810-1398  




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