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  • Chris Waddling
    As many of you may or may not know, the D10 Candidate Watch blog has now become D10 Watch (http://d10watch.blogspot.com). The site has been undergoing
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2010
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      As many of you may or may not know, the "D10 Candidate Watch" blog has now
      become "D10 Watch" (http://d10watch.blogspot.com). The site has been
      undergoing some changes since the election, and is hopefully on its way to
      becoming a broader source of information for our entire district. I'm not
      trying to compete with sites like http://www.bayviewfootprints.org and
      http://potreroview.net that are amazing resources that cover their
      respective neighborhoods amazingly well, and these local resources should
      not be missed (sadly, the Vis Valley Grapevine has recently stopped
      publishing, leaving the community without any local print or online media
      for community news). What I see the D10Watch site as is one that links
      readers to a variety of local news stories and community happenings, and is
      useful for all of us to create a place for discussion about the goings-on in
      our district.

      If you have a favorite local organization or group that you'd like to see
      listed, please let me know about it. Various topics of importance now have
      their own pages, too, including politics, safety, redevelopment, food,
      transportation, and environment.

      If you'd like to write something (up to about 400 words) for the blog, then
      please let me know and I'll help you get it on the site. It could be about
      an organization, a recent event, local happenings, redevelopment, traffic,
      transit, kids events, safety, over-the-fence discussions you've had with
      neighbors, how great your block is or a lingering issue that isn't being
      addressed. If there's something on YouTube or other video site that you
      have produced and want a local audience for it, let me know about that, too.

      There's now a page devoted to each ZIP within the district, too. On each
      page, you'll find a community calendar for each ZIP that you can add event
      and meeting notices to. Please don't send mail from the gmail account, tho,
      ok? On the 94124 page only, since Bayview Footprints already had a public
      calendar, I didn't see a need in creating a new one there, so I've link to

      I'm always open to suggestions, too, so please don't be shy.

      Chris Waddling
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