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Fw: Help wanted with FUF tree research project

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  • Katherine Williams
    do you have an hour to help FUF do some research on n hood trees. --Katherine ________________________________ From:Doug Wildman [mailto:doug@fuf.net] Sent:
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      do you have an hour to help FUF do some research on n'hood trees.

      From: Doug Wildman [mailto:doug@...]
      Sent: Thursday, October 21, 2010 4:27 PM
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      Subject: Help wanted with FUF tree research project


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      Help wanted with FUF tree research project


      Dear Friend of the Urban Forest,

      We need tree lovers for an urban forest research project!  You don't need any expertise -- just a tape measure and a spare hour or two in the next week.

      Interested? Here's how it will work: We'll give you a list of 10-20 street trees in the neighborhood of your choice, along with some simple instructions. You'll go visit those trees and make notes about their trunk circumference, their condition, the presence of overhead wires, etcetera (we'll give you details about what we need).  If you can snap a photo of the tree, we appreciate it (but that's optional).  Then when you're back at your computer you'll enter that info into the Urban Forest Map.

      We'll analyze the data with our partners at the U.S. Forest Service, and publish a report on the use of amateur tree lovers to gather data about trees, a comparison of that data to data based on aerial photos, and differences in data collection for trees of different species and sizes.  This knowledge will lead to improvements in planning, research and policy-making related to urban forests.

      Interested?  Thank you!  Please send an email to me, Kelaine, at research@... by October 27, and I'll give you more info and get you started.

      Also, please forward this message to anyone else who might be interested.

      ~Kelaine Vargas and Doug Wildman



      We certainly appreciate your help!.



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