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FW: Board of Supervisors' Committee Hearing on Monday re proposed Candlestick development

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  • Linda McKay
    Neighbors: I m sure by now you ve all heard something about the proposed development at Candlestick Park and Bayview. Don t confuse this with the proposed
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2007
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      I'm sure by now you've all heard something about the proposed development at Candlestick Park and Bayview. Don't confuse this with the proposed development at Executive Park that we've had many meetings about. This is a new proposal to tear down Candlestick, replace it with over 6,000 units of housing + retail, and to build a stadium and 2,500 units of housing at Hunter's Point.
      The Mayor's office & developer (Lennar) presented their preliminary proposals at neighborhood meetings in Bayview and Hunter's Point, but have had no meetings yet with our neighborhoods. We're working with them on a meeting date and expect it will be either April 25th or May 2nd - we'll let you know as soon as we can confirm the meeting time & place.
      The city is rushing the proposal forward because they are trying to come up with a plan to keep the 49'ers in San Francisco. The plan includes good features like cleanup & beautification of the waterfront, but the proposed expansion of Harney Way and overall density would have big impacts on all of us. It's important to stay informed and give input early on our concerns.
      Meanwhile . . . We have just learned that Supervisor Maxwell will chair a hearing on Monday regarding progress on  this plan (the City/Lennar plan for Candlestick Point ). While we understand the city's desire to keep their options open for the 49ers, it should not come at  our expense.
      It would be very helpful  for you to contact Supervisor Maxwell's office by e-mail, or better yet, attend the meeting on Monday - not to oppose the plan - but to ask that it moves forward with the kind of community scrutiny and involvement that such a large proposal deserves  - and that our neighborhoods be included in the planning.
      Contact Supervisor Maxwell: Sophie.Maxwell@... or (415) 554-7670
      Monday's meeting:
      Land Use and Economic Development Committee
      City Hall, Room 263
      Monday, April 16, 2007
      1:00 PM
      Agenda item #2:  [Redevelopment of Candlestick Point and the Hunters Point Shipyard for an intergrated mixed-use project]  
      Hearing to consider the City's progress, working in cooperation with Lennar Corporation and the Redevelopment Agency, on developing a conceptual proposal for a mixed-use development on Candlestick Point and Hunters Point Shipyard (See Resolution 070099).
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