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Re: Good News for Vis Valley

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  • Edie
    ... about ... big ... visit ... One ... Yes the library commission yesterday approved to shift funding from 5 libraries to the 11 that are active and
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 2, 2007
      --- In Valley_Eye@yahoogroups.com, ctano@... wrote:
      > I'm sure most of you already know that we got our money for the
      > library! A success for all! Now we should all start thinking
      > how to capitalize on the new Light Rail Project!
      > The T-Third Opening is scheduled to occur on April 7th, but the
      > event that MTA is planning is happening on April 14th to fit the
      > schedules of our wonderful dignataries.
      > VVBOOM would like to organize an event to encorage riders to
      > Leland and utilize it's services for the day.
      > Does anyone in the community have an idea for what we should do.
      > idea already tossed out was a sidewalk sale.
      > Let's Start Thinking!
      > Crezia Tano
      > V V B O O M :: Program Manager
      > 1099 Sunnydale Avenue, Ste. 312
      > San Francisco, CA 94134
      > O :: 415.587.7896 ext 104
      > F :: 415.585.2848
      Yes the library commission yesterday approved to shift funding from
      5 libraries to the 11 that are active and upcoming...which includes
      us! So we have moved up in the process and it looks like we are
      getting developers fees from Top Vision which is another piece of
      good news! But to say we got the money isn't really correct in my
      mind...I think that by attending meetings and such the the new
      Visitacion Branch Library is moving up so we can start the design
      process. It's really about the process and the hostile bidding
      market for contractors which has slowed down other branches and thus
      have added to the increase in construction cost...actually the
      controllers office will be conducting an audit just to see how close
      the $11.4M figure is to reality...that's inclusive of the cost of
      the property (Leland/Rutland) that has already been purchased. The
      audit is for the total BLIP... So overall I agree that we have Good
      New for the new Visitacion Valley Branch Library but we still need
      to continue to attend all meetings regarding the library so we can
      assure that we stay on top and that the funding comes our way...of
      course there will be ballot measures and bonds that we'll need to
      support also...so our work is just getting under way!!! It's
      ps...I agree we need to try to link Downtown Leland with the T-Line
      and would be happy to work on that effort with you. Too bad during
      the planning of the lightrail we didn't SEE that they were not
      giving us a station at Leland the heartbeat of the Valley!
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