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Fw: McLaren Park: Holiday Surprise

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  • marlene tran
    ... From: TRILCE & CHARLES Subject: Holiday Surprise Date: Saturday, December 19, 2009, 6:49 PM Hello fellow park advocates. Chuck here
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      --- On Sat, 12/19/09, TRILCE & CHARLES <helpmlpark@...> wrote:

      From: TRILCE & CHARLES <helpmlpark@...>
      Subject: Holiday Surprise
      Date: Saturday, December 19, 2009, 6:49 PM

      Hello fellow park advocates. Chuck here from Help McLaren Park.  I have some great news to share with you that might brighten your holiday season.
      I don't know if you remember, but with the help of several members, my wife applied for the Community Challenge Grant in September.  We applied for this same grant earlier this year but, due to a misunderstandings between instrumental RPD employees, we were not awarded anything.  This time I am happy to say luck was on our side.
      At a formal ceremony that just took place at city hall, Help McLaren Park group, represented by Sue Zimmer, my wife Trilce, and myself in attendance, was awarded 65K toward our restoration project on Burrows street!  I am not sure, but I think this was one of the largest awards given.  Over a half million was awarded this time around.  1.2 million since the beginning of 2009.  They had an overwhelming number of applicants and the competition was fierce.  We are extremely blessed for this incredible amount bestowed upon us.
      In combination with our 2K grant from Parks Trust, 12K from the budget (thanks to supervisor John Avalos), and roughly $1000 we have accumulated from our own community efforts, we can venture to say we will be celebrating a new play area and restoration in McLaren Park in 2010!
      This is incredible news and it is now in the hands of our park planners on how and where this play area will be installed.  Of course there will be community input and future meetings in the new year to finalize the details but remember, we are limited in size by the amount of money we have accumulated thus far.  So though this might not be the big play structure for all ages, appropriate for Yosemite Marsh or Shelly Drive, it will be a significant improvement to a severely under represented side of our park.  There will sure to be as much done as possible to make everyone happy, to better an area of the park, by using community support and volunteerism.  And hopefully with continued support we can move on to another area of the park in desperate need and continue the beautification process and make McLaren park a safer and more enjoyable place for of all ages.
      Happy Holidays Everyone!
      Eat well, stay safe and be merry!!!
      Chuck & Trilce Farrugia
      Help McLaren Park

      Help McLaren Park

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