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  • tara hui
    We had Character Education and Service Learning when I was growing up in China, to some extend also in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, once I got here I was told
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      We had Character Education and Service Learning when I was growing up in China, to some extend also in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, once I got here I was told that, it's considered brainwashing; what suddenly changed people's minds?

      Not complaining or anything, I happen to like the idea of brainwashing children into loving/caring people that have strong sense of fairness, justice and community.


      "Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have, and all that we are, toward creating a world that supports everyone. But it is also securing the space for others to contribute the best that they have and all that they are." - Hafsat Abiola

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      Subject: [Valley_Eye] FW: [BrsNet] Learning Through Character Education and Service

      Dear Groups,

      I'm on the Brisbane list serve and received this interesting e-mail message,
      and am forwarding it with the permission of the author. This program sounds
      fascinating and although our neighborhoods are in a different county from
      San Mateo, Tamberly was more than enthusiastic about recruiting from among
      our community members.


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      Subject: [BrsNet] Learning Through Character Education and Service

      As the world grows more dependent upon technologies, and as each rising
      generation comes on the scene facing lives that are guided more and more by
      non-living systems, it becomes more challenging for people to relate to one
      another, let alone relate to the natural world. Fortunately, Character
      Education and Service Learning, as they are often referred to, meet the need
      for basic person-to-person relating and reconnecting, and promote societal
      values that serve to maintain happy healthful living. Programs that have
      character development and service learning are often deliberate in their
      efforts to support the development of virtues such as: honesty, kindness,
      integrity, respect, leadership, responsibility, loyalty, citizenship,
      benevolence, generosity, and courage. Such virtues are the threads that
      make up the fabric of sustainable healthy living.

      Data from various programs that offer basic Character Development and
      Service Learning report that participants (students/youth) , are reported to
      demonstrate increases in many pro-social behaviors (e.g. caring, respect,
      altruism, and ability to choose between right and wrong) (Berkowitz & Bier,
      2005). Reviewing 33 successful character education programs, researchers
      found that using service-learning concepts supported the students in
      multiple ways and helped students meet goals related to academic/learning
      development, life/career development, personal/social development, and
      multicultural/ global citizenship (Scott & Jackson, 2005). Findings from
      another national study involving 24 diverse schools, recommended that
      schools should shift from focusing on moral character to both moral and
      performance character (Lickona & Davidson, 2005). Lickona and Davidson's
      (2005) report identified "contributing community member and democratic
      citizen" as one of the strengths of character and described service-learning
      as an effective strategy to engage students in service to achieve this goal.
      Included in their summary of findings, service-learning improves school
      climate, increases respect between teachers and students, decreases
      tardiness and discipline referrals, increases academic achievement, and
      improves interpersonal development, and supports relating to diverse groups

      Given the above research findings, it is appropriate to establish
      programming that will incorporate character development and service
      learning, which is exactly what Growing Green Hands, Inc. is all about. The
      Growing Green Hands team wants to strengthen families and communities with
      programming and education that will also include "environmental" service
      learning. Environmental service-learning helps people connect what they
      learn with how they live. In reports from a study on environmental
      service-learning with youth, Madigan (2000) identified the five most common
      components of high-quality environmental service-learning or active
      education programs: 1) encourages youth leadership and decision-making; 2)
      integrates and values the community voice; 3) fosters civic stewardship; 4)
      provides opportunity for cross-cultural connections; and 5) plans for the
      long-term sustainability of the program. Growing Green Hands intentionally
      incorporates all of these components and not only involves youth, but older
      adults and all of the community. Building strong and lasting
      intergenerational ties while supporting the individual, community,
      environment, and ultimately the planet for future generations, that's what
      will create sustainability! Growing Green Hands is committed to creating
      positive outcomes for the youth, families, and community of Brisbane and
      surrounding communities. We want to engage all of the community as
      partners, but specifically serve youth (8-17yr) and older adults (50yr &
      older) with strengths-based personal skill-building, community
      service-learning projects, and environmental stewardship using professional
      standards and principles of best practices. If you know of any potential
      community projects in Brisbane, South San Francisco, or Daly City that we
      can support, please contact us to schedule a time to learn more about how
      our program works and share your project needs. Visit our google group at
      http://groups. google.com/ group/growing- green-hands- public?hl= en - or check
      out contact infor below.

      Please note that GGH is having a Spaghetti Dinner/Dance Holiday Party on
      Saturday, December 5th, at the historic 23 Club from 5 to 9pm for all ages,
      and will continue to rock the night away for over those 21yr until closed.
      All proceeds will support GGH programming and staff and Board members will
      be present to share about this important program. Program is also
      co-sponsored by City of Brisbane's Park & Rec Department. Please come out
      and show your support and help us celebrate a greener future in Brisbane!


      Berkowitz, M. W., & Bier, M. C. (2005). *What works in character education:
      Research-based character education.* Washington, DC: Character Education

      Lickona, T., & Davidson, M. L. (2003). *School as a Caring Community
      Profile-II (SCCP II)*. Cortland, NY. Center for the 4th and 5th Rs.

      Madigan, P. (2000). *The Environmental Service-Learning Research Project*.
      Washington, DC: Corporation for National Service.

      Scott, K. A., & Jackson, A. P. (2005). *Using service learning to achieve
      middle school comprehensive guidance program goals. *Professional School
      Counseling, 9(2), 156-159.
      Tamberly Mott, MFT, PhD-Candidate
      Growing Green Hands, Inc., Executive Director
      44 Visitacion Ave, Suite 105
      Brisbane, CA 94005
      415 632-8702
      www.tamberlymott. com
      www.growinggreenhan ds.org
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