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Trails Conference in Va August 3-5 - Press Release

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  • Sally Aungier
    Please circulate this press release for SETC 2006 to your email contacts. Sally Aungier, Chair, Virginia Horse Council Trails Committee Chair, SETC 2006
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2006
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      Please circulate this press release for SETC 2006 to your email

      Sally Aungier,
      Chair, Virginia Horse Council Trails Committee
      Chair, SETC 2006 Planning Committee

      Virginia Horse Council

      For Immediate Release: January 8, 2006

      Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference to be held in Roanoke,
      Virginia on August 3-5, 2006.

      SETC was formed to address issues that concern equestrians and land
      managers pertaining to the use of trails. Land-use planning, trail
      sharing, environmental protection, trail design, education, and the
      preservation of the use of horses on our American landscapes are topics
      that will be discussed at the Southeastern Equestrian Trails Conference.
      This year's theme of "Working Together for Trails in a Changing
      Environment - Collaborative Adaptive Management of Trail Systems," will
      focus on the importance of collaborative between trail users, managers,
      and scientists in all phases of trail planning, construction,
      maintenance, and data gathering, including deciding how partnerships
      can be developed to get it done.

      The purpose of SETC is to bring together people who are concerned about
      the future of the natural and cultural heritage of the trail experience
      from the back of a horse. SETC strives to foster equestrian
      self-evaluation, learning, and the development of a conservation force
      that will influence land-use policies at local, state, regional, and
      national levels. The conference offers a forum for meaningful
      communication between natural resource management agencies and trail
      equestrians. In this forum, everyone will learn from everyone else. The
      Conference will include participants from natural resource agencies,
      non-government organizations, and individuals representing themselves
      and/or local saddle clubs. This mix of participants is extremely
      important to the airing of a wide array of perspectives, values, and

      The Conference includes eleven southern states and is National in scope.
      This much-needed conference was started in Clemson, S.C. and is now
      rotating through each of the Southern States with each state taking a
      turn at hosting it. Next year's conference is already being planned and
      will be held in Tennessee.

      The conference fee is $125.00 if you register early and late
      registration will be $150.00. The registration process will begin in
      late February. The conference is being hosted by The Virginia Horse
      Council with support from the Virginia Department of Conservation and
      Recreation, the Virginia Horse Industry Board, and the Federal Highway

      For more information regarding the program, sponsorship, exhibiting, or
      to be added to the mailing list

      please email or call Sally Aungier 804-379-9829 or Email

      or visit our the SETC website

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