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FW: Legislative Update for State Parks funding

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  • Sally Aungier
    From: Johnny Finch [mailto:johnny_finch=yahoo.com@createsend4.com] On Behalf Of Johnny Finch Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 2:12 PM To: Sally Aungier Subject:
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      From: Johnny Finch [mailto:johnny_finch=yahoo.com@...] On Behalf Of Johnny Finch
      Sent: Friday, January 25, 2013 2:12 PM
      To: Sally Aungier
      Subject: Legislative Update

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      Friday 1/25/2013

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      Legislative Update

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      Here’s a quick status report on items affecting the State Park System’s budget during the ongoing 2013 General Assembly Session.

      For the first time in a lot of years, the Governor’s budget does not impose cuts on the Park System. Rather, the Governor’s budget would provide $2 million for deferred maintenance projects and $50,000 for construction of a competitive mountain bike trail at Pocahontas State park.

      Four budget amendments have been introduced, two of these at VAFP’s request. On our behalf, Senator Emmett Hanger and Delegate Bobby Orrock have introduced respective amendments for $500,000 each to partially restore prior year cuts to the Park System’s budget. Senator Hanger’s amendment is SB 800 Item 361 #2s and Delegate Orrock’s amendment is HB 1500 Item 361 #2h.

      Delegate Lee Ware has introduced an amendment to provide one-time equipment costs of $300,000 and one year operating costs of $375,000 for opening the recently completed Powhatan State Park. Delegate Ware’s amendment is HB 1500 Item 361 #1h.

      Delegate Terry Kilgore has introduced amendment HB 1500 Item 361 #5h to provide $288,598 for the Park System to operate the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center. Under a related agreement, the Interpretive Center, 153 acres of land, and $450,000 for maintaining the facility will be transferred to the Park System.

      VAFP’s Point Sheet for the 2013 legislative session has been posted to our website www.virginiaparks.org <http://virginiaassociationforparks.createsend4.com/t/r-l-udjykjy-ikjittutk-d/> . This information is provided for your personal knowledge and for your use in contacts with media, legislators, etc.

      Please take a look at the numbers in the Point Sheet (you’ll find them impressive), copy it for your ready use, and contact your legislators to ask them for their support of the Governor’s budget for the State Park System and for the related State Park budget amendments.

      Also, please take a moment to thank the patrons of the budget amendments. The respective contact info follows.

      Senator Emmett Hanger district24@... <http://district24@...>
      Delegate Bobby Orrock DelBOrrock@...
      Delegate Lee Ware DelLWare@...
      Delegate Terry Kilgore DelTKilgore@... <http://DelTKilgore@...>

      Thanks again for your support of Virginia’s parks.


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