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2010 Trail rides, Annual Conference, & Trail Directory

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  • Sally Aungier
    Hi everyone, I know most of you are struggling with doing farm chores in the snow, so I thought maybe you could use a little boost. The Virginia Horse Council
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 19, 2009
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      Hi everyone,

      I know most of you are struggling with doing farm chores in the snow, so I
      thought maybe you could use a little boost. The Virginia Horse Council is
      continuing the concept of holding trail rides on historic properties around
      the state, so we hope that you will mark your calendars and plan to attend
      at least one of the two rides that will be held in June.

      On June 5th we will have a ride at historic Carter
      <http://www.nps.gov/history/Nr/travel/jamesriver/car.htm> 's Grove on the
      lower James. This plantation is now privately owned so riding there will be
      a special treat.
      One June 19th there will be a ride starting at Blandy Experimental Farm
      <http://www.virginia.edu/blandy/> , which is about 10 miles east of
      Winchester. The ride will also encompass trails through the neighboring
      Long Branch <http://www.historiclongbranch.com/> property.

      These dates were just confirmed today so stay tuned for more details in the
      coming months.

      Ride organizers: Please be sure to post your ride dates to the
      VaHorseTrails calendar once you know them. You can provide details later but
      it is very helpful if you would enter at least the ride name, location, and
      a contact person so that we can plan these other rides around those that are
      established. The link to the calendar is

      The VHC annual conference will be held on March 13 at Colonial Downs this
      year. I am looking for ideas for speakers and topics that can be presented
      in the Trails Track so please feel free to email your ideas to me in the
      next few days and plan to attend.

      I've been hard at work on the new trail directory, which we may end up
      rolling out one region at a time on the web just so that we can get the data
      up as quickly as possible. I'm still looking for usable trail pictures so
      if you have some that you think do a good job of illustrating the trail
      terrain, a special trail feature, or trailer parking areas, please let me
      know. I'm trying to wrap up the Tidewater, Chesapeake, and Eastern Shore
      sections this weekend so I would especially like pictures taken on any of
      the trails systems listed below:

      Beaverdam Park
      Sandy Point State Forest
      Belle Isle State Park

      Eastern Shore:
      Assateague Island National Seashore

      Northwest River Park
      Newport News City Park
      Yorktown Battlefield
      Lone Star Lakes Park
      Dismal Swamp Canal Trail
      West Neck Creek Natural Area
      Sandy Bottom Nature Park
      Chippokes Plantation State Park
      York River State Park

      I could really use people who know these trails well to proof the sections
      or even a single facility. If you are interested in helping with this
      project please let me know.

      Merry Christmas to all.

      Sally Aungier
      Virginia Horse Council Trails Committee

      Keep up with current trail events by joining VaHorseTrails. To subscribe
      just click on this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Vahorsetrails/

      Looking for more information about Trails in Virginia State Parks? Visit
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