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VA Horse Council LTR Support

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  • Sally Aungier
    I would like to echo Jeff s call for support that appears below. Our local club donation goes towards the expenses of having our member of the House of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2009
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      I would like to echo Jeff's call for support that appears below. Our local
      club donation goes towards the expenses of having our member of the House of
      Delegates attend. His participation at this event over the last few years
      has led to an ongoing relationship where we can freely discuss concerns.

      Sally Aungier
      2nd Vice President, Virginia Horse Council

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      Posted by: "Jeff Shoup"
      upport> jeffshoup@... <http://profiles.yahoo.com/jeff_shoup>

      Wed Apr 29, 2009 9:55 pm (PDT)

      Hi Folks,

      The Virginia Horse Council (VHC) has scheduled their 2009 "Legislative Trail
      Ride" (LTR) for May 15-17. The Horse Council's LTR has been around for over
      20 years as an annual event that has proven to provide great dividends to
      Virginia's horse community. The annual LTR enables your VHC Directors to
      build very valuable relationships with key supporters of Virginia's horse
      community within the Virginia State Legislature. These relationships have
      led to benefits to the horse community such as:

      * The creation of the Virginia Horse Industry Board (VHIB). The
      VHIB is a Commonwealth of Virginia agency specifically tasked with the
      promotion and economic development of the horse industry in Virginia and
      supporting Virginia's horse community. The VHIB has supported economic
      impact studies, educational seminars, and projects such as the Virginia
      State 4-H Horse Show. To date, the VHIB has awarded over $800,000 in grants
      back to the Virginia horse community and efforts to promote the horse
      industry in Virginia. For more about the VHIB go to www.vhib.org
      < <http://www.vhib.org/> http://www.vhib.org/> .

      * Significant financial support by the Commonwealth to the Virginia
      Horse Center. For more than twenty years, the Virginia Horse Center has
      been the crowning jewel of the Commonwealth's $1.46 billion equine industry.
      Known throughout the country and internationally, the Virginia Horse Center
      serves as a venue for more than 100 events a year including horse shows,
      clinics, rodeos, workshops, and community events. For more information
      about the Virginia Horse Center, go to www.horsecenter.org
      < <http://www.horsecenter.org/> http://www.horsecenter.org/> .

      * Creation of the "Virginia Equine Liability Act" protecting horse
      owners and equestrian activities throughout the state. For more information
      about the Equine Liability Act go to www.VirginiaHorseCouncil.org
      < <http://www.virginiahorsecouncil.org/>
      http://www.virginiahorsecouncil.org/> .

      * No Sunday Hunting. Year after year bills are proposed to allow
      hunting on Sundays in Virginia, which would limit riding areas to horse
      owners across the state. The VHC opposes all Sunday hunting bills and each
      year the VHC successfully lobbies our friends in the State legislature to
      defeat the proposed Sunday hunting bills.

      * Financial Support of State 4H Horse Show and Therapeutics Riding
      programs. The State Legislature continues to financially support these
      worthwhile state equestrian activities.

      * Continued financial support by the State Legislature of the VA
      Cooperative Extension Service and additions to staff of Equine Specialists.
      The Virginia Cooperative Extension Service provides research based
      information to the people of the Commonwealth through 107 county extension
      offices, six 4-H educational centers, and 13 Agricultural Research and
      Extension Centers, including the Middleburg Agricultural Research and
      Extension Center (MARE Center). For more about the Extension Service go to
      www.ext.vt.edu < <http://www.ext.vt.edu/> http://www.ext.vt.edu/> . For more
      about the MARE Center go
      to www.vaes.vt.edu/middleburg.

      These are just a few of the direct benefits to the Virginia horse community
      that have come about through the valuable relationships developed at the VHC
      annual Legislative Trail Ride.

      Funding for the 2009 VHC Legislative Trail Ride has come up short. In these
      difficult economic times the traditional business supporters of the LTR have
      reduced their support. The Virginia Horse Council would like to ask for
      your organization's support of the 2009 LTR. Your financial support in any
      dollar amount from $50 to $500, or more, is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you to those that have already donated to the 2009 LTR . and thank you
      advance to the organizations that will step forward and support this very
      beneficial annual VHC activity.

      Please mail your checks to:
      Virginia Horse Council
      Legislative Trail Ride
      368 Litton Reaves (0306)
      Blacksburg, VA 24061
      (Please note in the "memo" section of your check "2009 LTR")
      Thank you again for your support,



      Jeff Shoup
      Director - Fairfax/Prince William Counties
      Virginia Horse Council, Inc.
      Cell: 703-402-3726
      Home: 703-754-4981
      Email: <mailto: <mailto:jshoup%40virginiahorsecouncil.org>
      <mailto:jshoup%40virginiahorsecouncil.org> jshoup@...

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