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OT - Grinding machine and making mirrors

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  • Geoff Nelson
    ... Check out James Learch s web site an excellent resource and also look at the archives (bit of a pain) ... Do a search for Tom Waineo s design very simple
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      > Hi, i'm really new to all of this, but i would eventually like to make
      > an aluminizing chamber for coating telescope mirrors, (probably 10"
      > and up) and i don't know all the things i need yet and what they are
      > for ;) but is there a tutorial? and a schematic?

      Check out James Learch's web site an excellent resource and also look
      at the archives (bit of a pain)

      > Oh, p.s. on a similar note, i am also interested in an automatic
      > mirror shaper/grinder,

      Do a search for Tom Waineo's design very simple and uses a minimum of
      parts. I have just rebuilt my machine. Web page is in the process of
      being updated

      > And now for really my last question; Is anyone selling shaped and
      > aluminized primary mirrors?

      Coulter optical is one I know of. They are now e-scopes. I have never
      dealt with them and cannot comment on their service or reliability. A
      friend has an optic from them that he is very happy with.

      The best option is make your own. It is not difficult and there are
      many resources in the net. One that has not yet been mentioned is


      Please can all concerned please edit out all but the relevant parts
      of quoted text from all replies. It does make reading the digest a
      lot easier.
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