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High reflectivity coatings (prev: Re: [VacuumX] Re: Solar Filter)

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  • Oscar González Regueira
    This is the procedure to obtain high reflectivity ( 95%) coatings? Saludos, OSCAR. ... De: Ken Hunter Para:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007

      This is the procedure to obtain high reflectivity (>95%) coatings?





      Saludos,      OSCAR.

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      De: Ken Hunter <atm_ken_hunter@...>
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      Enviado: viernes, 30 de noviembre, 2007 21:37:57
      Asunto: [VacuumX] Re: Solar Filter


      Are you using a plasma discharge for cleaning? If so, I think you can
      introduce a small bit of OXY into the pumped down chamber and using the
      glow discharge get the OXY to react with the aluminum to form an
      immediate protective layer...

      Have not tried this myself but I think I read it somewhere. I'll try it
      when I get my chamber finished someday... ;0(

      Ken Hunter

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      > Can nichrome be used as an overcoat to toughen up the aluminum coating
      > for a first surface mirror ???

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