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Children's Sabbath Service Provided by UMFS

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  • Angie Williams
    Dear Friends, As you know, the Children s Defense Fund provides resources for the celebration and observance of Children s Sabbath each year to promote the
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      Dear Friends,


      As you know, the Children’s Defense Fund provides resources for the celebration and observance of Children’s Sabbath each year to promote the opportunity for people of faith to renew and live out their moral responsibility to protect, care for, and advocate for all children.


      This year UMFS will create a worship service option for you based on the CDF materials. The service will be available on the UMFS website by the end of September (www.umfs.org). This year’s Children’s Sabbath is Sunday, October 21st (although it can be celebrated any time). UMFS will provide a full worship service including two options for the sermon time: 1) a video message or 2) a written message (that can be delivered by someone in your congregation). Many United Methodist churches celebrate Children’s Sabbath and UMFS is excited to be a part of the celebration with you!


      Grace and Peace,





      Angie Williams

      Volunteer Coordinator


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