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Re: NIO EP9 Shatters records set by all production car at Nürburgr

Wow, it did that in November 2017. It really IS the car if the future :-)
May 21

NIO EP9 Shatters records set by all production car at Nürburgring

In November 2017 the Nio EP9 broke the record as the fastest Electric Vehicle around the challenging German circuit, the Nürburgring in a time of 7:05:12. The
Lawrence Rhodes
May 21

Most successful solar team in the history of the World Solar Challen

Solar Team Eindhoven announces next generation car for the 2017 World Solar Challenge held in Australia. The two time Tesla Cruiser Class winner tries to beat
Lawrence Rhodes
May 20

Fully solar VW van

This vehicle is totally inefficient but still works amazing well for tons of steel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGZ1zbqAGA0
Lawrence Rhodes
May 18

Leaf trip from San Francisco to Carmel by the sea.

118 miles. 4 grades. A detour. A CHP stop. 8 percent charge left. 10 miles range. Lawrence Rhodes. 30 kw Leaf is so much more useful than the 24kw version.
Lawrence Rhodes
Feb 18

Leaf trip San Francisco to Salinas Nissan

100 miles. 2 grades. 37 miles range remaining. 24%. 2016 30 kw Leaf. 50 mph average 2 hours drive time. Light traffic. Lawrence Rhodes Sent from my
Lawrence Rhodes
Feb 15

Stella Lux demonstrates it's solar power at Laguna Seca Jan. 8th

Stella Lux the future of efficient transportation is on a US tour.  http://nlintheusa.com/stella-lux-display-solar-power-california/ Stella Lux the future of
Lawrence Rhodes
Jan 4

932 Mile range Solar EV to be produced in China

Sorry for the HTML junk. Revised URLs below. If not fully blue copy the whole line and paste in. Again apologies for all the junk characters. Lawrence
Lawrence Rhodes
Nov 20, 2016

Re: This is one future for mass produced electric vehicles.

Great link! Thanks, Lawrence. Politically Incorrect: Free minds, free markets, free people. Be known for what you stand for, not what you stand against.
Art Wolfskill
Aug 15, 2016

This is one future for mass produced electric vehicles.

I saw the original Stella at the Dutch consulate in San Francisco. Four people fit comfortably & it had a big trunk. The current Stella Lux is more efficient
Lawrence Rhodes
Aug 12, 2016


Obvious typo/dislecsic. My apologies. Lawrence. Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android device
Lawrence Rhodes
Aug 10, 2016


Lawrence, I don't know if you're involved with the EV R US company, but a little typo can come across badly. There's no such thing as 408V AC commercial
Jay Donnaway
Aug 8, 2016


EVRUS provides 208v fast chargers. We have 10 stations from Stockton, CA to Oceanside, CA with more stations to come. At this time we support Chademo & Tesla
Lawrence Rhodes
Aug 2, 2016

Electric Auto Union for sale

Good afternoon All. The Electric Auto Union will go on eBay tonight @ 6:30p.m. Item # 141946673372 Tell you friends to take a look and make a bid. Thanks,
Apr 3, 2016

Tesla will sell the home battery, the Tesla Powerall, for $3,500,

Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power? ... Seems Tony Star....I mean Elon Musk has done it again.  Lawrence Rhodes Did Tesla Just Kill Nuclear Power? Did Tesla
Lawrence Rhodes
May 4, 2015
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