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Daughters of Cacophony Playbill September 2010

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    Daughters of Cacophony Playbill I. Reintroduction II. Fiction - Harmony II. Vampire - Scout Youngwood III. Library Cards - Harmony IV. Deck - Choir 2010
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      Daughters of Cacophony Playbill

      I. Reintroduction
      II. Fiction - Harmony
      II. Vampire - Scout Youngwood
      III. Library Cards - Harmony
      IV. Deck - Choir 2010


      Call me Forrest. I had the pleasure of taking the Daughters' into
      fourth place at the North American Championships in 2003 and took up
      the mantle of writing the Daughters' Playbill back in 2004 and edited
      the Playbill in 2005-2006. Known for my Daughters' decks, I was
      honored when Matt Morgan informed me he used a Daughters' deck
      inspired by mine to win at Origins in 2009. But Angela can probably
      tell my story better.


      Without hesitation, despite never seeing her before and the long line
      of attractive women, security let Angela Preston into the club.
      Security was not even aware they had let her pass, but they did have a
      sense of being in the presence of greatness that left a pleasant song
      in their head.

      Angela had come out of hiding after many long years. She had grown
      weary of the game. Hunters seemed to pop-up over night and the game
      was no longer fun. "Damn Imbued," her thoughts sang in her mind. But
      she had kept a watchful ear over her clan. Songs of their
      accomplishments rang throughout the Masquerade.

      Angela began to hear of a new choir led by an aspiring singer, Scout
      Youngwood. "Funny," her thoughts sang, "that Scout would choose
      Youngwood to denote hers and the Daughters' status in the Masquerade."
      Angela had come out tonight to check out this new choir.

      She positioned herself in a quiet corner where she could listen to the
      sounds of the club and the patrons. The DJ was playing music loud,
      the music was off key and the sound system was improperly balanced and
      played the music just a bit fast. No one except Angela could detect
      the flaws. While Angela was distracted by the sounds of the club and
      as she corrected the music in her mind, she also detected the distinct
      sounds of other Kindred. The sewer dwellers had come out from where
      rats dwelled; artisans who painted with blood had put down their
      brushes; vain politicians had adjourned sessions but still spewed hot
      air. If Angela could detect them, they would already know of her
      presence. She forced herself to focus on social charm and saw some
      eyes upon her and most of what she heard from those eyes was a sense
      of awe for her even though she was a thin blood, she was still

      Scout's band took the stage. Angela detected something new in the
      music. Something new in the Harmony. It was stronger than the usual
      Daughters' choir. It was harmonious. Everyone in the audience was
      entranced by the singer and the song. Not one soul, living or undead,
      could tune out the music from their minds. Angela keyed the aria and
      softly joined. No one would notice as they too were mouthing the
      lyrics, but the addition of Angela's soft undertone made the hymn ring
      truer and louder in everyone's mind. No one noticed, except Scout,
      immediately detected the shared voice. Scout smiled. She was

      After the show, many fans hoped for a private audience. Many elders
      sought access backstage, attempting dominate and presence to get past,
      but were intercepted by the members of the entourage. A member of the
      entourage approached Angela. She wasn't focused and when he was close
      enough to her to strike, she feared she sensed him too late. But
      rather than striking her, he handed her a VIP pass and escorted her

      All that remained was a persistent echo.


      Harlan Graves [HttB:U]
      Cardtype: Vampire
      Clan: Daughter of Cacophony
      Group: 6
      Capacity: 4
      Discipline: mel pre FOR
      Independent: If Harlan is diablerized, no blood hunt can be called. He
      gets -1 intercept against non-bleed actions.
      Artist: Andrew Trabbold

      One of the biggest criticisms of Harlan (and the Ahrimane Dovey) that
      I've heard is the presence of a male in all female clans. It is
      insulting (just as the picture of the actual Choir card). Daughters
      of Cacophony are an all-female clan. WoD players created exceptions
      in their fan LARPs and online, referring to male Daughters as Sons of
      Discord. But there was no official addition of men in the bloodline,
      until White Wolf made reference to the Sons of Discord abominations in
      the Players guide second edition and to make it clear that men are not
      part of the Daughters, White Wolf created a storyline that all the
      known Sons of Discord were eliminated by the Daughters of Cacophony,
      once again purifying the bloodline. (There may be one male remaining,
      but it's a Secret.)
      So where does Harlan Graves fit into the bloodline or the storyline?
      In White Wolf publication, Nights of Prophecy (WW 2265), it details
      Harlan Graves as a young Son of Discord, exterminated by the
      Daughters, but it was he who sired Celeste, Voice of the Secret. So
      Harlan does have a place in the Daughters' storyline.

      The elimination of the Sons of Discord by the Daughters explains
      Harlan's unique disadvantage of being diablerized without a blood
      hunt. No one knows why the Daughters eliminated the Sons of Discord,
      but that is an internal matter and not one for discussion.

      Harlan's other disadvantage is rather mild for a Daughter of
      Cacophony. Because Daughters constantly have a song in their head
      bordering on madness, they are not aware of their surroundings and
      lack intercept skills. The fact that Harlan has no intercept
      disadvantage against bleed actions is significant. It allows him to
      attempt to block a bleed action without burning blood or at an
      automatic disadvantage and in VTES, bleeding is the most common way of
      winning the game. However, Harlan is at a disadvantage against all
      other action types, including rush and political actions. Most of
      these actions already have built in +1 stealth, putting defenders at
      essentially a -1 intercept disadvantage anyway and would require
      defenders to come up with an intercept to attempt to block. In
      Harlan's case, he'd have to come up with +2 intercept. If a deck is
      running intercept to block stealth actions like equipping, political,
      or creating allies, it may be able to give Harlan enough intercept
      against these actions, but other vampires maybe better suited to block
      against those actions. If defending against a bleed action, Harlan
      does as well as most other vampires.

      Harlan has the three in-clan disciplines, melpominee, presence, and
      Fortitude, making him useful in any Daughters' deck. The superior
      fortitude makes him useful as a speed bump against bleed actions as he
      will be able to prevent damage with fortitude. The superior fortitude
      also allows him to Freak Drive after performing actions. However, his
      low capacity would limit his use of blood cost cards. His inferior
      melpominee makes him a weaker Daughter for some Daughters' cards,
      including Siren's Lure, Choir, Art's Traumatic Essence, and Missing
      Voice. Still he is able to perform a basic choir and untap with Freak
      Drive to perform a Harmony, call a vote, or take a bleed action, or to
      be available to tap for a Siren's Lure when another is attempting a
      deadly action. The inferior presence does give him some good combat
      cards even at inferior, voting abilities, and bleed actions and

      He is in group six, allowing him to be paired with Scout Youngwood,
      Evil Jensen, and Hillenvale. Janet Langer is in group five and also
      could be added to the bunch. His low capacity allows him to be
      brought out quickly, essentially in one influence phase, for an
      additional vampire or if a bleed blocker is needed.

      Library Cards - Harmony
      Harmony [HttB:R]
      Cardtype: Action
      Clan: Daughter of Cacophony
      +1 stealth action.
      (D) Your prey burns 3 pool for each Choir card you control. Burn all
      Choir cards you control.
      Artist: E.M. Gist

      This card makes Choir decks viable. Granted, previously Choir decks
      have been able to pull off a victory point here or there, especially
      with the printing of Hanging Fermata to keep them around for a second
      attempt the next turn. But now Choir decks are a real threat.

      What often attracts players to a Choir is that Choir is essentially an
      alternate win condition in VTES. It is directed action pool loss
      rather than bleed or political action. So, Choir pool loss can't be
      bounced or out-voted. The defense against Choir is to block or the
      cancel the action. Daughters have many ways of distracting blockers,
      so blocking can be difficult. Superior Choir and Harmony are directed
      actions against your prey, so your predator can not typically attempt
      to block in an effort to save your prey.

      Harmony does 3x pool loss, rather than the superior Choir's 2x pool
      loss. Harmony is a different action, so Daughters can perform both a
      basic Choir, untap, and perform a Harmony in the same turn. It is an
      amazingly efficient way to cause pool loss to your prey. As
      mentioned, with the right cards in hand one Daughter can do 3 pool
      loss on her own. Two Daughters have the potential to do 6 pool loss,
      etc., essentially the equivalent of each bleeding for 3 pool. Granted,
      some bleeds can get much larger than 3 bleed, but they also lack
      inherent stealth and are subject to Deflection or reduction. Choir and
      Harmony have built in +1 stealth and are not subject to deflection or
      reduction. The fact that Daughters are thin-blooded, i.e. low
      capacity, means one can get potentially several Daughters into play
      and build a nice Choir.

      Harmony is limited to a Daughter of Cacophony. This really isn't a
      disadvantage. In deck testing, it was important to remember that the
      off-Daughter clan with melpominee had to do the basic Choirs, while
      the Daughters did the Harmony. It is often tempting to leave a
      Daughter untapped while another does the Harmony, so the untapped
      Daughter can action modify with Siren's Lure. It also means that
      Harmony cannot be chosen for Persistent Echo as it is not a melpominee
      card, but a Daughters of Cacophony card.

      Another new Melpominee card, Virtuosa ([HttB:C]; Cardtype: Action
      Modifier; Cost: 3 blood; Discipline: Melpominee / Presence; [pre] +1
      stealth.; [mel] +1 stealth and +2 bleed, or +2 bleed. You cannot play
      another action modifier to increase this bleed amount. ;[MEL] Only
      usable when the action is announced. This action is unblockable.;
      Artist: Juan Calle.) works rather nicely at superior to ensure no one
      blocks the Harmony. Virtuosa is a little expensive, especially for
      low capacity Daughters, but what player wouldn't sacrifice 3 blood off
      a vampire to get essentially an assured victory point.

      Honestly, I am not sure how Harmony got passed play testers. Glad it
      did though.

      Deck -- A Girl Called Harmony

      Knowing there would suddenly be a lot of renewed interest in the
      Daughters of Cacophony because of Harmony, I found the original Choir
      decks prepared by myself, RavATwoFaces, and Lasombra. For more
      information about these decks and their construction and comments, see
      the March 2006 Daughters Playbill, which can be found on Lasombra's
      site < http://www.thelasombra.com/ >.

      Deck Name: Lost Choir Storyline deck
      Created By: Forrest Nielsen

      Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 11, Max: 25, Avg: 4.33)
      1 Ember Wright aus dom 3, Tremere antitribu:3
      1 Brooke dom tha 3, Tremere Antitribu:2
      1 Ian Forestal AUS DOM THA 8, Tremere Antitribu:2
      1 Muse ani for mel 3, Daughters of Cacophony:2
      2 Celeste mel pre 3, Daughters of Cacophony:2
      2 Angela Preston for MEL PRE 5, Daughters of Cacophony:2
      2 Gael Pilet chi FOR MEL pre 6, Daughters of Cacophony:2
      2 Delilah Monroe for MEL pre 4, Daughters of Cacophony:2

      Library: (90 cards)
      Master (16 cards)
      2 Blood Doll
      2 Dreams of the Sphinx
      2 Effective Management
      2 Infernal Pact
      1 Spontaneous Power
      1 Paris Opera House
      2 Specialization
      2 Tribute to the Master
      1 University Hunting Ground
      1 From a Sinking Ship

      Action (33 cards)
      28 Choir
      3 Legal Manipulations
      2 Entancement

      Action Modifier (18 cards)
      5 Freak Drive
      4 Missing Voice, The
      5 Siren`s Lure
      1 Aire of Elation
      1 Kiss of Ra
      2 Daring the Dawn

      Reaction (8 cards)
      3 Defelection
      5 Wake with Evening`s Freshness

      Combat (15 cards)
      2 Majesty
      4 Resilience
      2 Soak
      7 Staredown

      Lost Choir Storyline Deck was made pre-Legacy of Blood and did not
      have the benefit of Hanging Fermata or Persistent Echo, which could
      increase the effectiveness of a Choir deck.

      Deck Name : passeggiatrici & papponi
      Author : RavATwoFaces

      About the deck name: 'passeggiatrici' is a 'kind' italian name for
      'harlots' and 'papponi' is the italian name for the people who
      protects 'harlots'... sorry but I don't know the english translation.

      Crypt [14 vampires] Capacity min: 2 max: 6 average: 4.29
      2x Gaël Pilet 6 FOR MEL chi pre Daughter :2
      2x Yseult 6 FOR MEL PRE Daughter :3
      2x Angela Preston 5 MEL PRE for Daughter :2
      2x Delilah Monroe 4 MEL for pre Daughter :2
      2x Céleste, The Voice 3 mel pre Daughter :2
      1x Zhara 4 ani for pre Ishtarri:3
      1x Lolita 3 for pre !Toreador:2
      1x Muse 3 ani for mel Daughter :2
      1x Frederick the Weak 2 pre !Brujah:2

      Library [90 cards]
      Action [23]
      23x Choir
      Action Modifier [23]
      2x Change of Target
      4x Freak Drive
      9x Missing Voice, The
      2x Phantom Speaker
      6x Siren's Lure
      Ally [8]
      8x Procurer
      Combat [17]
      4x Backstep
      2x Death of the Drum
      3x Dodge
      4x Hidden Strength
      4x Majesty
      Event [2]
      1x FBI Special Affairs Division
      1x Unmasking, The
      Master [17]
      7x Blood Doll
      2x Direct Intervention
      2x Dreams of the Sphinx
      3x Hanging Fermata
      1x KRCG News Radio
      1x Paris Opera House
      1x Spontaneous Power

      Deck Name: The Great Girl Band
      Created By: The Lasombra
      (note: constructed pre-Legacy of Blood, thus no Hanging Fermata,
      Perfectionist, Persistent Echo, or Yseult.)

      Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 12, Max: 23, Avg: 4.42)
      2 Muse ani for mel 3, Daughters of Cacophony
      2 Celeste mel pre 3, Daughters of Cacophony
      2 Delilah Monroe for MEL pre 4, Daughters of Cacophony
      3 Angela Preston for MEL PRE 5, Daughters of Cacophony
      3 Gael Pilet chi FOR MEL pre 6, Daughters of Cacophony

      Library: (90 cards)
      Master (13 cards)
      2 Bastille Opera House
      1 Elder Library
      2 Paris Opera House
      8 Tribute to the Master

      Action (42 cards)
      36 Choir
      6 Concert Tour

      Action Modifier (23 cards)
      3 Change of Target
      7 Freak Drive
      1 Kiss of Ra, The
      11 Missing Voice, The
      1 Siren's Lure

      Combat (12 cards)
      9 Majesty
      3 Toreador's Bane

      One commonality is the amount of Choirs these included, between 20-30
      Choirs. With Harmony, this number can come down, freeing some card
      slots. Remember all one really needs is one Choir and one Harmony to
      do 3 pool loss. In revamping the list, I kept the Choir numbers high,
      about 20 Choirs and about 8 Harmonies. After play testing the deck, I
      found I didn't have to have each minion perform a Choir for Harmony to
      be effective. All I really needed was to have one minion do a Choir
      and Harmony or have another minion do the Harmony. So I lowered the
      number of Choirs and increased the number of Harmonies.

      Deck - A Girl Called Harmony
      Deck Name: A Girl Called Harmony
      Created By: Forrest
      Description: This deck has little chance, if any, of catching
      opponents by using intercept, so I cut the intercept cards. I also
      found this deck works almost equally well as a Shattering Crescendo
      deck if you replace all of the Choirs and Harmonies with Shattering
      Crescendos, though you may want more vamps with superior MEL.

      Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 12, Max: 24, Avg: 4.5)
      2 Angela Preston for MEL PRE 5 Daughters of Cacophony
      2 Celeste mel pre 3 Daughters of Cacophony
      2 Delilah Monroe for MEL pre 4 Daughters of Cacophony
      2 Gael Pilet chi FOR MEL pre6 Daughters of Cacophony
      2 Muse ani for mel 3 Daughters of Cacophony
      2 Yseult FOR MEL PRE 6 Daughters of Cacophony

      Library: (84 cards)
      Master (14 cards)
      1 Archon Investigation
      3 Blood Doll
      1 Command Performance
      1 Direct Intervention
      2 Dreams of the Sphinx
      1 Effective Management
      1 Lilith's Blessing
      1 Paris Opera House
      1 Specialization
      1 Sudden Reversal
      1 Wider View

      Action (35 cards)
      19 Choir
      5 Entrancement
      11 Harmony

      Action Modifier (18 cards)
      7 Freak Drive
      3 Missing Voice, The
      6 Siren`s Lure
      2 Virtuosa

      Combat (15 cards)
      2 Majesty
      8 Rolling with the Punches
      2 Soak
      3 Staredown

      Ally (1 cards)
      1 Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)

      Equipment (1 cards)
      1 Heart of Nizchetus

      Comments: The Lilith's Blessing could probably be cut from the Harmony
      deck because the Daughters didn't lose as much blood as I thought they
      would. However, Lilith's Blessing could be effective in the
      Shattering Crescendo deck version as Shattering Crescendo will cost
      the Daughters blood. I was asked about the Wider View- every vampire
      in this deck has a duplicate, Wider View is great for cycling the
      crypt and getting rid of the duplicates in the uncontrolled region.
      Because the Daughters are relatively low capacity vampires and the
      Methuselah needs vampires to sing the Choir, Effective Management is
      an easy way to get another vampire into the uncontrolled region.

      The original thoughts on a Choir deck construction reprinted from the
      March 2006 playbill:

      When approaching how to design a Choir deck the first thing to
      consider is that one will need to reliably draw at least 2-3 choir
      cards in a turn. To assure that choir cards are drawn fairly reliably
      the deck needs to be composed of 25-30 percent choir cards. Thus, in
      a 90-card deck there should be 23-30 choirs. What this also means is
      that one's 7-card hand will load up on choir cards, so a way to
      dispose or "set aside" choir cards may be useful.

      Another consideration when making a Choir deck is figuring out how to
      get enough vampires that have melpominee or can play melpominee cards
      to achieve a 2-3 choirs in a turn. Small to lower end mid-capacity
      vampires are desirable for this task. If the vampires are too large,
      they might not come out soon enough or there might not be enough to do
      a successful choir. In addition, if the choir angle falls apart,
      having a small army of weenie low capacity vampires can be useful for
      a bleed assault.

      Like with any deck, consideration should also be given to pool gain
      and combat defense. The deck has to build up to a minimum of 3-4
      vampires. While building, the vampires will need defense as well as a
      player's pool. Because few opponents "waste" reactions or intercept
      to block inferior choirs, instead saving them for the superior Choir,
      Perfectionist is a great archetype master to use in a Choir deck for
      blood gain (which can be pulled off with Blood Dolls). While vampires
      usually can gain blood with Perfectionist when playing inferior Choir,
      a player must decide if that is the best use of a master slot in a

      If a player is going to attempt a Choir deck, the deck should remain
      focused. Daughters are good at a lot of different approaches -
      presence bleed, voting, combat defense. It is easy to lose focus and
      add some cards "just in case", but with almost any deck the more
      focused, the more likely success. A couple cards for "just in case"
      is acceptable, but it is not recommended to try to make the deck part
      bleed and part choir or part vote and part choir. It dilutes the
      chances of a successful choir deck, or bleed or vote deck.

      As with any Daughter deck, be aware that they are weak on intercept.
      Either ignore this weakness or find alternative means to intercept.
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