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Ahrimanes Newsletter #31 29.11.07

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  • The Lasombra
    Ahrimanes Newsletter #31 29.11.07 ==================================================== [ AHRIMANES NEWSLETTER ]
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2007
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      Ahrimanes Newsletter #31 29.11.07

      1.0 - Editorial

      1.1 Word From the Editor
      1.2 Next Issue

      2.0 - Interview

      2.1 Sign Off

      --[1.1 - Word from the Editor]-----------------------

      This month I present an interview with a star player of the Ahrimanes,
      David Quiñonero-Santiago. He has won the most tournaments as listed
      on the Tournament Winning Deck Archive as maintained by The Lasombra.
      David has managed to win four tournaments with them, each time with a
      different Ahrimane deck, so he has a lot of insights and experience
      with the Ahrimanes.
      After some recent games I have noticed the effect of having lots of
      little sources of damage, which in turn makes your prey have to start
      Fire Fighting. For example, in my current Ahrimane deck I can have
      Fame damage, Army of Rats, Smiling Jack, bleeds, rushes, and
      contesting which all causing Pool damage. All of which is good,
      although I do need to add some extra dimensions to it yet.

      --[1.2 -Next Issue]------------------------------------

      Next month there will be another interview with a regular Ahrimanes
      player, who it has had more tournament wins, but as they are smaller
      tournaments they are not listed in The Lasombra archive. That player
      is Andrew WES Weston, who also organises all of the JOL games along
      with George Finklang. There will also be a tournament winning
      decklist, although not Andrews as his particular favourite has been
      listed previously.

      --[2.0 - Interview]------------------------------------

      This month I present for you an interview with David Quiñonero-
      Santiago. David is a keen Ahrimane player, as we shall see, regularly
      winning tournaments in his home country, and even on trips to the US.

      Q) What interests you in the Ahrimanes?

      A) Howler actually. And apart from that, I found Spiritus to be a very
      cool discipline, which combines excellently with Presence and Animalism.

      Q) What are their strengths?

      A) They have access to end combat and at the same time they are very
      good combatants. Furthermore they are good blockers, and stealthy
      voters and bleeders too.

      Q) What are their weaknesses?

      A) They cannot bounce bleeds. This is why I think heavy stealth
      coupled with bleed and/or political decks are the toughest predators
      due to the fact that Ahrimanes mainly rely on permacept. Heavy combat
      decks are also tough.

      Q) What sparks your initial ideas?

      A) First, Spiritus cards. Then, I like to take the challenge of
      building decks which are based on different strategies, like combat
      combined with intercept, political and stealth & bleed decks. Now my
      main goal is to build an Ahrimane Anarch deck.

      Q) Which decklist is your favourite to play?

      Deck Name: The Pet Shop Girls
      Created By: David Quiñonero

      Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 19, Max: 31, Avg: 6,33)
      2 Juanita Santiago ani pre spi 4 Ahrimanes
      1 Nettie Hale ani cel pre pro spi 5 Ahrimanes
      3 Cynthia Ingold ani for pre SPI 6 Ahrimanes
      3 Siamese ani pro PRE SPI 7 Ahrimanes
      3 Howler obf ANI PRE SPI 8 Ahrimanes

      Library: (90 cards)
      Master (16 cards)
      1 Animalism
      3 Blood Doll
      1 Channel 10
      2 Direct Intervention
      1 Fame
      1 Guardian Angel
      1 Heidelberg Castle, Germany
      1 Powerbase: Montreal
      1 Rack, The
      1 Rebel
      1 Smiling Jack, The Anarch
      1 Sudden Reversal
      1 WMRH Talk Radio

      Action (10 cards)
      6 Enchant Kindred
      4 Nose of the Hound

      Reaction (22 cards)
      4 Cats` Guidance
      4 Falcon`s Eye
      2 Forced Awakening
      4 On the Qui Vive
      8 Speak with Spirits

      Combat (18 cards)
      5 Aid from Bats
      2 Canine Horde
      3 Carrion Crows
      8 Pack Alpha

      Ally (2 cards)
      1 Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)
      1 Ossian

      Retainer (13 cards)
      1 Mr. Winthrop
      8 Murder of Crows
      1 Owl Companion
      3 Raven Spy

      Equipment (2 cards)
      1 Flak Jacket
      1 Sire`s Index Finger

      Event (1 cards)
      1 Dragonbound

      Combo (6 cards)
      6 Swiftness of the Stag

      Q) How many drafts did it go through?

      A) Since the first time a built it, I would say four times.

      Q) Which cards didn't quite make it into the deck? (Cards 91-100?)

      The Erciyes Fragment
      KRCG News Radio
      IR Goggles
      Pentex Subversion
      More Direct Intervention's
      Mylan Horseed

      Q) Do you play them in lots of friendly games - real or JOL?

      A) I play with them quite often due to the fact that I have four
      Ahrimane decks built, two combat & intercept decks (group 2 and group
      4), one political deck and one stealth & bleed deck. I have a fifth
      half built deck, which is based on Summon Spirit Beast.

      Q) Are there any other clans that you like to play?

      A) Not many. Actually I like to play combinations of disciplines
      rather than clan based disciplines.

      Q) What card would you like to see for the Ahrimanes? (crypt or

      A) Definitely, a crypt card; Howler is so lonely... ;-)

      --[2.1 - Sign Off]-------------------------------------

      Well hopefully you found the interview informative, and interesting.
      I find it can be good to see other people's point of view of the same
      subject, because they are usually quite different, and often spark new
      ideas. Next month there will be another interview, which should also
      bring up some new points of view.

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