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Re: VLFRX Toolchain, XS71HDU at 192

... I finally got around to plugging the headphone out to Mic In on a Diamond XS71HDU, which can run at 192kHz. I ran vtgen -r192000 -c2 -u a=1.0 | vtraw -ow
Tom Becker
8:32 PM

Technical Help Sweep Function Generator

I want to use a BK Sweep Function generator to broadcast various VLF frequencies within a small area, maybe the size of a room. The output of the generator is
7:33 PM

Re: Earthquakes and tellurics

Yeah for sure. Plenty of reports of animal behavior before Loma Pereira. Some from my pets. ... -- Sent from my Verizon phone. please excuse minor transmi@#$/
Cliff Sojourner
2:43 PM

Re: My Schumann Q-burst page is updated

Hey Sven, your web pages are great! Links in your email all go to the same place, so not sure what you intended to point to Schumann resonance is very
Cliff Sojourner
2:06 PM

Re: BT878A

Also confirmed working in Ubuntu 12.04 with no modifications. BT878 Brooktree model. Looking at building a new loop. Also investigating the btaudio.c driver
Scott Shoemaker
11:08 AM

Re: BT878A

Hi All, The BT878 system on a thin client works very stable. No crashes or any glitches since 2015-11-25. Peter, 54N 10E
9:02 AM

Re: Earthquakes and tellurics

The magnetotelluric survey was being conducted here in Texas near Abilene on the day of the Mexico earthquake. The objective was to use the data to help locate
james Fisher
7:33 AM

My Schumann Q-burst page is updated

My Schumann Q-burst page is updated. Live Schumann and measurements here: Schumann Q-burst and TOA Sweden Only
6:54 AM

Re: Earthquakes and tellurics

As I recall that EQ epicenter was rather distant from Mexico City. Mexico City is at extreme risk for EQ damage because the ground is prone to liquifaction.
Rich Oliver
Nov 30

Re: Earthquakes and tellurics

Cant help but wonder if those low frequencies you all are talking about is what some animals and people some times 'sense' before a quake? There have been a
Nov 30

Re: Earthquakes and tellurics

hi, this is a great topic. last time I searched for ELF and earthquake I got a couple little bits: - apparently before the 1989 earthquake at Loma Prieta
Cliff Sojourner
Nov 30

Re: Earthquakes and tellurics

Hi Jim, how miles far, was the site of detection from the earthquake epicenter? And how many pT was strong the signal detected? Bye, Renato Romero [Non-text
Nov 30

Earthquakes and tellurics

I am a geologist working in the oil industry. A friend of mine told me that he was trying to conduct a magenetotelluric survey on the day of the really big
Nov 30

vlf frequencies of Low Pressure or Cold Weather Fronts

If someone can help me with determining what frequencies are generated and lead low pressure weather fronts, I would appreciate it. I am not talking
Nov 29

Re: BT878A

Hi Paul, ... Plugging in / plugging out, many times, ==> no negative effects here. ... Look for: IGEL Thin Client 5/4 Winestra 4210, 1.5 GHz. Very reliable
Nov 27
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