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Re: Birds... and bats OK, is running, a single mic element feeding both preamp inputs. Very noisy on /amb9 but I see the lighter click test is present on

Tom Becker
2:52 PM

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Re: Birds... and bats ... I'll be following that test with interest. If pulses are still missing it would point to a fault somewhere in vlfrx-tools. -- Paul Nicholson --

2:30 PM

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Re: Birds... and bats ... A multi-element array will exhibit a pattern, sure, but I built two single-element mics (see image) to remove directionality as a possible explanation for

Tom Becker
1:24 PM

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Re: Birds... and bats ... You can consider the wavelength L of the sound wave. Given the speed of sound c=343 m/s at 20°C (331m/s at 0°C) and the frequency F 23000Hz L = c/F =

Claudio Pozzi
8:40 AM

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Re: Sound card dongles Interesting when I bought last year both bubble-packs were properly sealed. The C-Media HS100 is a much shorter dongle so there would have been no way of

Alan Melia
8:05 AM

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Sound card dongles I see Paul has provided a suitable review for this Amazon web site! Also looking at the other photos on the Amazon web - the package is identical to the eBay

Terry GW0EZY
7:15 AM

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subject=Re: [VLF_Group] Re: Simple SID monitor with the Raspberry Pi Hi, From my experience the CM108 is pretty useless. I've tried them in my Raspberry Pi in a VLF receive setup , and the spectrogram up to 24 Khz shows a whole

6:06 AM

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Re: Simple SID monitor with the Raspberry Pi Interesting Terry the header does not say its an SD-AUD20101 and the pic is of this device plus the description still has the "24bit 192ksps" but his revews

Alan Melia
5:13 AM

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Re: Simple SID monitor with the Raspberry Pi The cards have been delivered today and tested on an Intel Atom + Ubuntu + vlfrx-tools I ordered three dongles from Amazon

Terry GW0EZY
4:44 AM

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Re: Simple SID monitor with the Raspberry Pi Hi Both, Oh what a surprise :-).....sorry my cynical side showing again....I complained to Amazon using their proceedure but then corresponded directly with

Alan Melia
4:43 AM

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Re: Simple SID monitor with the Raspberry Pi Oh dear! I am expecting my Amazon dongles today, I guess I will have the same problem as I followed your previous link. Alan G3NYK said that after he

Terry GW0EZY
2:58 AM

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Re: Simple SID monitor with the Raspberry Pi I just received 3 sound dongles from Amazon, http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006SF68P2 but they are the wrong type. They are C-Media based, not the

2:19 AM

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Re: suggestions for GPS pps pulse I use a 74HC04 hex inverter. One of the inverters is driven by the PPS and its output feeds the other five inverters each of which has its own RC network to

1:50 AM

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suggestions for GPS pps pulse   Howdy!Anyone got a good design for a way to distribute a GPS pps pulse to multiple cards for VLFrxtools?I've fiddled around with some transistor amp

Raht Dragon
7:28 PM

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SUMMARY: X-Ray Event exceeded M5 (R2) Space Weather Message Code: SUMXM5 Serial Number: 134 Issue Time: 2015 Mar 03 0158 UTC SUMMARY: X-ray Event exceeded M5 Begin Time: 2015 Mar 03 0125 UTC

SWPC Product Subscription Service
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