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  • f6agr
    Hello coolbert The guy on the VLF SETI site says: Let s try something completely different. Let s look for ET at the other end of the radio spectrum. A lot
    Message 1 of 42 , Nov 30, 2003
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      Hello coolbert

      The guy on the VLF SETI site says:

      " Let's try something completely different. Let's look for ET at the other
      end of the radio spectrum. A lot of the noise on the air at Very Low
      Frequencies is of unknown origin. "

      Please answer this question:

      What are the best criteria able to filter/classify/distingish/separate
      potential ET signals from our earth-made or man-made signals ?"


      Jean-Louis F6AGR

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      > Objet : [VLF_Group] SETI VLF
      > This is coolbert: Go to this web site if you are also interested in
      > SETI as well as VLF.
      > http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Cockpit/7195/vlf.html
      > Strange stuff. Anyone ever heard of any of this before. Comments
      > invited.
      > coolbert60440.
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    • k.chattenton
      Hi Trond, all, ... From: Trond Jacobsen To: Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 12:06 PM Subject: SV:
      Message 42 of 42 , Dec 3, 2003
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        Hi Trond, all,
        ----- Original Message -----
        From: "Trond Jacobsen" <trond.jacobsen@...>
        To: <VLF_Group@yahoogroups.com>
        Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2003 12:06 PM
        Subject: SV: [VLF_Group] Re: SETI VLF

        > Hello John and VLF group
        > I often feel that most of the SETI search is nothing more then a cry for
        help, based on an increasing collective movement who dont want to be
        "alone". Since no one "out there" yet has made any attempts to contact us,
        maybe we just aint worth speaking too ? And when someone finally does, it
        could very well be that we only see the shadow and not the entity behind it.
        > Best regards
        > Trond at ALFLAB,
        > Halden in Norway
        > 59:08:12N 11:23:55E
        > "A cry for help"....?? were do you get this idea from ?.
        I accept that there's a lot of 'Cranks' and 'wishful thinkers' in the World
        today, but ' SETI ' is an accepted science in the fullest meaning of the

        How on earth you can make a statement saying, "Since no one out there has
        yet made any attempts to contact us" is putting yourself in a position of
        superior knowledge to the rest of us.

        We have searched a small portion of the radio spectrum and no ET signals
        have been heard to date ( with the possible exception of the "WOW" signal)
        but this is hardly an excuse to say that we have never been ( or will be )
        contacted by ET some time in the or future ( or have been in the past ).
        You then go on to say, "and when someone finally does".
        Come on 'Trond', make your mind up one way or the other. Take care, all the
        best. Ken, G4KIR.

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