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Re: ELF pulse ... Don't you mean "horizontally" ? JL Le 17/04/2014 14:35, thierry alves a écrit : I have looked at the theoretical shape of a TEM wave radiated by an
10:40 AM
Re: ELF pulse Wow ! You showed us some very good slow-tails ! Those slow-tails are due to ELF components from the return stroke wich has propagated by the TEM mode (QTEM is
thierry alves
7:35 AM
Re: ELF pulse The records I presented a few minutes ago were performed with a FET/BFT cascode E field receiver (5 Hz to 24 kHz) Jean-Louis ... The records I presented a few
6:07 AM
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Re: ELF pulse Thierry I very often capture such LF pulses with my E-field set-up, even in remote areas, far away from any local anthropic noise Some examples: (Time scale:
6:03 AM
Link To Meadowcreek Park Observatory (MPO) Blog Hi, folks. I added a link to my observatory blog page in the LINKS section.. Have a look! Jim.
5:50 AM
Re: ELF pulse Here my H field receiver is a transimpedance amplifier with a ferrite rod. The cutoff frequency is around 80 Hz. Thierry.
thierry alves
5:45 AM
Re: ELF pulse Hello Paul, thank you. Unfortunately I don't have correct timestamp at the moment. For security reasons they don't allow me to correctely set the time at the
thierry alves
5:32 AM
Re: ELF pulse Do you have a timestamp for one of these pulses? Perhaps to the nearest second or two? I can look for the same pulse received at the three European online
4:57 AM
ELF pulse Hello, I'm receiving sometimes a pulse with a major part of its energy being below 3 kHz. It look likes a TEM traveled signal. The spectrum of those pulses
thierry alves
4:46 AM
Re: Solar power Hi to all of my friends My paper is accep in COSPAR 2014 Conference (  http://cospar2014moscow.com/  ). Is there anyone that want to go this conference?
MARJAN Marbouti
1:20 AM
Re: Solar power This is a proof that the LDE (Long Delay Echoes) theories are credible Jean-Louis F6AGR ... This is a proof that the LDE (Long Delay Echoes) theories are
12:23 AM
Re: Sebring/Cape Coral/Surfisde comparisons. ... I think Joel's Sebring receiver is his own construction, not a VLF3. Nothing deliberate has changed here but I agree that the VLF9 noise level has
Tom Becker
Apr 16
Re: Solar power This must be a contender for the most-constipated Yahoo message award. 12 months in limbo! Tom On Fri, 29 Mar 2013 20:29:34 -0400, Tom Becker
Tom Becker
Apr 16
Re: Solar power Yes.  The ack timing is expressed in distance, defaults to 0.4 mile and can be set to as long as 30 miles.   When I get home I'll send some screenshots. Tom
Tom Becker
Apr 16
Re: Converting RIAA phono preamps for VLF usage Hi Mark, Thanks for the answer/info. FYI: the preamp has switchable input impedance and is for magnetic cartridges, input impedances are 47kohm./120pf or
Apr 15
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Re: Sebring/Cape Coral/Surfisde comparisons. ... Yes there was a problem with a full disk on the server. Reason was that the transfer to cloud storage stopped working and data piled up until the disk
Apr 14
Re: Converting RIAA phono preamps for VLF usage Hi, First of all, it depends on what you mean by VLF, and secondly, whether the preamp is designed for a magnetic or ceramic cartridge. The RIAA curve adjusts
Mark Karney - VLF
Apr 14
Converting RIAA phono preamps for VLF usage Hi all, As the subject title says, does anyone have any clues on how to convert a RIAA phono preamp for use as a VLF antenna preamp...I have one going spare
Apr 14
Re: Response time for the ionosphere to X-ray flare Hi Peter Not a stupid question at all because for the exact details it is certainly going to matter which of these frequency ranges to take. I don't know for
Apr 14
Re: Response time for the ionosphere to X-ray flare Hi Richard, ... I do not understand the math. So may be it's a stupid question: Referring to Fig.1. Did you fit your model against the "1-8A"-data or against
Apr 14
Re: Grundig/Eton Satellit 750 Radio, below 100 kHz Hej, Does anyone know if it's possible using the front controls and push buttons to tune the above radio below 100 kHz?   Regards, Tor Hvide Sande I
Apr 14
Re: Response time for the ionosphere to X-ray flare Dear all, I did some more work on the chapman analysis of the reflecting layer with time dependence. The analysis seemed to indicate there should be a damping
Apr 14
SUMMARY: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse Space Weather Message Code: SUMSUD Serial Number: 190 Issue Time: 2014 Apr 14 0624 UTC SUMMARY: Geomagnetic Sudden Impulse Observed: 2014 Apr 14 0612 UTC
SWPC Product Subscription Service
Apr 13
Sebring/Cape Coral/Surfisde comparisons. Paul, dont know if this is by design, but Sebring is not triggering the comparator at http://abelian.org/vlf/wc131116.shtml
Apr 13
Download free book: Ionospheric Radio Propagation by Davies Kenneth Follow this link https://archive.org/details/IonosphericRadioPropagation Claudio -- Claudio Pozzi - Happy Linux User - http://www.qsl.net/ik2pii
Claudio Pozzi
Apr 13
Electron Levels, Solar Wind Charging Effect, and Whistlers The electron flux level is really plummeting: possibly due to the sustained southward facing (negative) element of the solar wind for 14 hours. I have noticed
Apr 11
Re: Response time for the ionosphere to X-ray flare ... I know this paper, thanks for the others. Claudio -- Claudio Pozzi - Happy Linux User - http://www.qsl.net/ik2pii
Claudio Pozzi
Apr 11
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Re: Picking up whistlers h I'm hearing a few whistlers again this evening on the home receiver. I would guess they are S3 in strength at a quiet recording location away from power
Apr 10
Re: Picking up whistlers h Hi Mike, There were hundreds of whistlers here in Colorado. I noted several dozen of the best whistlers I recorded last night (4/10/2014) in Colorado. All
Apr 10
Re: Picking up whistlers h ... Kevin, Scott & Shawn - On the off chance you might have a local archive of last night, I've posted all the whistlers I received here in Forest, VA (29
Mike Smith
Apr 10
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