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Fw: Agricultural Census - Rabbit Growers

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  • Pamela Alley
    Deepest apologies to those who may find the content out of their area (this isn t a pet census, darnit--I d like to see one of those, too...), but this is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2002
      Deepest apologies to those who may find the content out of their area (this
      isn't a pet census, darnit--I'd like to see one of those, too...), but this
      is a very important factor in the future of the rabbit industry as a whole
      (including pets) since it will definitely impact how we will be working with
      the government to deal with RVHD in the US.

      Thanks to one and all!

      Pamela Alley, RVT
      Director, Rabbit Industry Council

      Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 3:38 PM
      Subject: [Meatrabbits] Fw: Agricultural Census - Rabbit Growers

      > A number of folks have inquired as to the importance of the upcoming
      agricultural census. I asked Mr. Rundle to please provide for us a little
      more info on this important census, and he was kind enough to send the info
      given below. Please note that the deadline for getting your name on the
      mailing list is August 15, so if you are involved in agriculture and you
      wish to participate, you must contact myself or Mr. Rundle immediately.
      Thank you! -- Helen Sadler
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      > From: Doug_Rundle@...
      > To: Helen Sadler
      > Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 2:11 PM
      > Subject: Re: Agricultural Census - Rabbit Growers
      > Helen,
      > Just now getting to your message, we've been busy with the August Crop
      Report. You have been doing a good job of explaining the benefits of the Ag
      Census - Thank You. Let me provide a few more benefits and some specific
      > One of the main benefits for lower-profile commodities (like fescue seed,
      baitfish, rabbits) is that the Census is often the only public source of
      information that identifies where the major production areas are. I have
      had actual inquiries from out of state firms asking specifically where they
      might start to look for fescue seed producers and baitfish producers, in
      order to purchase seed and baitfish. From the Census, I am able to identify
      the counties where production can be found, and although I can't provide
      them with any individual names - I always provide them the name and number
      of the county extension agent in those counties to start their search.
      > Another very important benefit is for organizations such as your own to
      have some reliable numbers to use to show growth trends and areas of
      concentration. Whether it be to a prospective business supplier, to a
      county, state or federal government when looking for grant or investment
      dollars, or for a University trying to determine where to invest research
      dollars. For instance, from the last two Censuses in 1992 and 1997, here
      are the rabbit numbers that were published for the State of Arkansas:
      > 1992 1997
      > # of farms with rabbits 276 235
      > # of rabbits on those farms 70,447 24,559
      > # of farms with rabbit sales 158 113
      > # of rabbits sold 185,669
      > In 1997, the top 5 counties in terms of # of rabbits sold were: Benton,
      Logan, Madison, Marion and Pope
      > Is the trend of fewer producers and a lot fewer rabbits produced the
      correct trend from 1992 to 1997??? What will the trend be into 2002???
      What sort of economic impact can increased production have in a county or in
      a state???
      > These are the types of questions that I'm guessing you have been asked
      before. And I hope that the previous Census data was in some way able to
      depict what was happening in the industry. All that we are trying to do is
      to provide the best picture possible as to the level and location of all
      agricultural production, including rabbits, that we can.
      > A reminder to the growers - The Ag Census is intended to measure
      production of ALL agricultural commodities. So the form that producers will
      be receiving in December is quite lengthy. Obviously, if your only ag
      activity is rabbit production, then there will be many sections that you can
      skip. Rabbit production will be recorded in Section 12 - "Other Animals" (I
      > Finally Helen, we are supposed to be finished with our List Build on
      August 15th. So we are down to the last week.
      > Thanks again for your help - I've received 8 replies from producers across
      the country giving me the okay to include them in the Census mailing. I
      have forwarded their information to the NASS office in their state.
      > Thank you - Doug Rundle
      > "Helen Sadler" <helen@...>
      > 08/05/02 02:21 PM
      > To: Doug_Rundle@...
      > cc:
      > Subject: Agricultural Census - Rabbit Growers
      > I posted your email requesting names to several rabbit lists, and names
      are coming in for me to give to you. I also have received names/addresses
      from a number of other agricultural producers, and am compiling two separate
      lists to forward to you.
      > The question has come up as to how specifically the agricultural census
      will benefit growers. I know and have tried to explain that these
      statisitics will be used for years to come in determining funding for
      various programs, but perhaps you could give me a brief rundown of how this
      information is used that I may share?
      > Also, is there a set deadline for how soon you need these names and
      addresses turned in? I think it would make good sense to send them all to
      you at once if possible, if that is ok with you. The response has generally
      been good, so hopefully the census will be a success this time around.
      Thank you for your work!
      > -Helen Sadler
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