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Re: risk of RHD..Slim?

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  • mombeanie6
    ... much about RHD ... Let s face it, ... any place in ... really seems ... policy is ... today and figure ... Hi Corinne, I just meant that there hasn t been
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2002
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      --- In VHDInfo@y..., Buckybun <ranger18@c...> wrote:
      > > I am in Alabama
      > > and realize the chances of VHD are extremely rare
      > Why? I'm in NY and up until a couple weeks ago I didn't worry too
      much about RHD
      > but now it's here. Bet those in Iowa and Utah felt the same way.
      Let's face it,
      > since APHIS is clueless as to how we've had 3 separate outbreaks
      any place in
      > the US faces the same risk of an outbreak. Maybe the reason no one
      really seems
      > to care about it, and so readily accept eradication as the only
      policy is
      > because you all think it won't happen in your state? I sit here
      today and figure
      > it's only a matter of when not if it hits me and my friends.
      > Corinne

      Hi Corinne,

      I just meant that there hasn't been an outbreak anyplace near me so I
      have no reason to seriously suspect VHD/RHD (We always have to keep
      that possibility in mind) although emotionally I did panic. I
      realize it is a possibility and that is why I sent the rabbit's body
      for autopsy/necropsy. I realize the outbreaks have been scattered
      and it can crop up anyplace. That thought is terrifying. They
      haven't found a source in any of the outbreaks and that worries me.
      They cleanse the area of an outbreak, euthanize any remaining rabbits
      and want to call the case "closed" without identifying a source of
      the infection. I can't imagine how a case can be closed without
      identifying the source of any infection.

      I don't have autopsy/necropsy reports back yet probably due to the
      holidays. My vet wasn't sure how long it would take. My other eight
      rabbits are still fine and apparently healthy and it has been two

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