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Re: agroterrorism

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  • Mombeanie@aol.com
    ... new ... bigger. Like ... the ... brothers ... contained to ... them! ... contained ... horse not ... Whoa!! Wait a minute! RHD/VHD was contained by
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 1, 2001
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      --- In VHDInfo@y..., "karna coffman" <karna@b...> wrote:
      > Corrine,
      > My husband has continuous stated that he felt the outbreaks were
      > intentionally "planted". So you are not alone in that thought His
      > theory is that the rabbits were a practice run at something
      bigger. Like
      > FMD! If that would have been the case I bet they were surprized at
      > responsible ownership of all those involved.
      > Long before we were aware of REAL terrorists, our rabbit breeder
      > and sisters made certain that the spread of this disease was
      contained to
      > only a few herds. They did this by reporting and quarantine, and
      > elimination of their herds, as suggested.
      > How very thankfull all of us should be to each and every one of
      > We all (I am sure) could only have hoped that the Anthax had been
      > as well as the RHD outbreaks were.
      > Just my thoughts....... and some support for Corinne,
      > I however also sort of believe that the hoof prints were from the
      horse not
      > the Zebra.
      > karna

      Whoa!! Wait a minute! RHD/VHD was contained by reporting, quarantine
      and "depopulating"/eliminating herds. Anthrax cannot be contained in
      the same way. It isn't spread from human to human. People/humans
      exposed to anthrax cannot be "depopulated"/eliminated/euthanized.
      This is a whole different matter. People/humans can be treated for
      exposure to anthrax but the spread of the spores is intentional.

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