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  • vyasa_veda1
    Dec 8, 2004
      At the commencement of the Kali Yuga, Vishnu left Venkatadri for
      Vaikuntam. Brahma was very unhappy with his departure and asked
      Narada to persuade Vishnu to return to Venkatadri. Narada then went
      to the banks of the River Ganga, where several rishis were
      performing a sacrifice. The rishis could not decide as to whom they
      intended to dedicate the fruit of their sacrifice. Bhrigu, one of
      the rishis undertook to solve the problem by examining the three
      chief divinities.

      He first went to Satyalokam, the abode of the three-headed Brahma
      (who is also attributed to have four heads) and found him busily
      chanting the Vedas with one face, uttering the name of Narayana with
      another and looking at Goddess Saraswati with the third. He took no
      notice of Bhrigu. Bhrigu resented the want of courtesy on the part
      of Brahma.

      Bhrigu then went to Siva's abode (Kailasam). Here too, he found Siva
      absorbed in sporting with his consort. Siva even became indignant at
      Bhrigu's intrusion.

      Finally, Bhrigu went to Vaikuntam, the abode of Vishnu and found
      Vishnu and Sri Maha Lakshmi reclining on Adisesha. Disgusted, Bhrigu
      kicked Vishnu on the chest, where Sri Maha Lakshmi was reclining.
      Vishnu immediately got up, massaged the rishi's foot and enquired if
      he had been injured. Pleased with Vishnu's attention, Bhrigu
      returned to the rishis and advised them to dedicate the fruit of
      their sacrifice to Vishnu.

      Sri Maha Lakshmi was angry with Bhrigu because he had kicked the
      spot which was her favourite resort on the bosom of the Lord. She
      left Vishnu and went to stay at Karavirapura (now Kolhapur in the
      state of Maharashtra). Unable to bear the solitude, Vishnu left
      Vaikuntam in search of Sri Maha Lakshmi.

      This was how he made his way to Venkatadri, and entered the ant-hill
      under the tamarind tree on the southern bank of Swami Pushkarini on
      the Tirupati hill.