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  • vyasa_veda1
    Dec 8, 2004

      During the eight thousand yugas (the equivalent of a day and night
      for Brahma, the Creator), there was a raging fire, and everything on
      Earth was reduced to ashes. Man had to forsake the Earth and seek
      refuge in Janaloka.
      At the approach of night (of Brahma), Vayu, the Wind God, blew
      furiously. Huge clouds were formed, there was torrential rain, and
      it resulted in Pralaya Kalpa (the Great Deluge). The Earth sank into
      the Patala loka, and remained in that state for a thousand years
      (during a part of that night of Brahma).

      Sri Maha Vishnu, wanted to rescue the Earth. He assumed the form of
      Adi Varaha and proceeded to Pataloka. He fought a fierce duel with
      Hiranyaksa and killed him. He then slashed the water and brought up
      the Earth on his tusks.

      Brahma, the Devas and the sages extolled Adi Varaha's virtues, by
      chanting the Vedic mantras. They prayed to Him to re-establish the
      Earth as before. Adi Varaha obliged them, and called upon Brahma to
      recreate the world. He expressed his desire to reside on the Earth
      to protect its people. He commanded his vehicle, Garuda to fetch
      Kridachala (a massive natural hill with lofty peaks, embedded with
      gold and precious stones, and which resembled Adisesha in shape)
      from Vaikuntam.

      Garuda brought Kridachala and deposited it on a sacred spot (to the
      East of Swami Pushkarini) chosen by Adi Varaha. Adi Varaha stood
      within the divine vimana of Kridachala, which shone with many gem-
      studded gopuras.

      Brahma and the other holy personages requested the fearsome-looking
      Adi Varaha to assume a tranquil and composed look, and rest on the
      hill to protect men and grant boons to people unable to reach God
      through Dhyana Yoga (meditation) and Karma Yoga (doing one's own

      Adi Varaha appeared with four arms and a white face. He was adorned
      with jewels and accompanied by Bhu Devi. He resolved to stay at
      Venkatadri, under a divya vimana, to grant the prayers of men.