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Paris 2004 update

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  • jmac_han
    Hello fellow Valeasians, I have received an update from Comexpo-Paris, organizers of the World Miniature and Scale Model Show scheduled for Paris next April
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2003
      Hello fellow Valeasians,

      I have received an update from Comexpo-Paris, organizers of the
      'World Miniature and Scale Model Show' scheduled for Paris next
      April 10 -18.

      First, the VEC will be placed in a high-traffic position on the show
      floor giving the layout excellent visibility.

      Second, Comexpo-Paris has asked for the VEC to be set up on
      at the opening of the show at a television studio for publicity

      Third, Comexpo-Paris does not offer compensation or an
      appearance fee to any of the exhibitors at the show. Their policy
      is quite different from the German or Dutch exhibition
      management companies. However, it is completely in line with
      the majority of North American shows. It is an honour and
      privilege to participate. That is sufficient payment....

      Okay, I have no philosophical problem with their policy. It just
      means that I will have to work a lot harder to find sponsorship
      mopney to help cover shipping costs for the layout. I'm pretty
      confident that I can find a way to get my own person there and
      back using frequent flyer points (if Air Canada doesn't go belly up
      for good in the meantime!). And Jim Manley, a VEC
      crewmember for Paris, is working of lodging arrangements
      through his personal contacts. Let's keep our fingers crossed
      just in case.

      So my next move, after talking things over with the Canadian
      Railroad Museum, will probably be a letter campaign to new
      potential sponsors such as Canadian National Railways and
      Bombardier Transport as well as approaching past sponsors,
      i.e. Micro-Trains Line, Schenker Canada, Märklin USA and Ztrack

      Using the Museum's connections, it is remotely possible that the
      Québec and Canadian governments could be approached for
      grants since the trip also involves promoting the Museum
      (tourism and cultural interests).

      Looks like I've got a lot of letter writing to do during the holidays.
      You'll be the first to learn of any developements.

      Jeffrey MacHan
      Chief Imagineer - VECRR
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