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  • jmac_han
    Dear fellow Valeasians, The first heavy frost has settled permanently here and I m beginning to finally feel at home in my new surroundings. The VECRR is set
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 3, 2002
      Dear fellow Valeasians,

      The first heavy frost has settled permanently here and I'm
      beginning to finally feel at home in my new surroundings. The
      VECRR is set up now where I can finally do some model
      railroading rather than maintenance for train shows. This is all
      very new and strange.

      Many aspects of my former roadwarrior lifestyle have changed
      greatly in the past 3 months and I have been re-evaluating some
      of my priorities as a result. So, now that the modelling season is
      upon us, I have begun to reflect on what I would like to persue as
      far as VEC projects are concerned.

      Formerly, train shows were an extremely important part of my
      hobby. They helped me cope with the stress of not feeling at
      home where I lived (apartment dweller's syndrome). I had set
      several related goals that included making inroads with the
      major model railroading magazines. Now that the NMRA
      Bulletin has actually published the long-promised Z column, I
      am searching to set my sights on another target.

      I've had a wonderful journey with the VECRR and now I'm
      wondering, what to do to keep my interest keen. Frankly, there
      aren't very many things left on my list...

      Train shows:

      The other day, my wife said to me that she has reached her limit
      of train shows for several good reasons. I couldn't argue with
      her on that point. The VECRR has taken part in over 60
      exhibitions and events and my wife has accompanied me to the
      vast majority of them. I recall that last year I planned to cut back
      on outings with the layout in 2002. Following this month's
      Montreal Sun Youth Charity Train Show (Nov 23-24), we will have
      taken part in 10 shows this year! This is a far cry from reducing
      the number of shows. Not only did we do 10 shows, we went to
      Germany and Florida to boot!

      Well, my wife is right. I can feel it too. The time has come to
      concentrate on other things. So from 10 shows in 2002, how
      about 3 in 2003? In fact I only have 2 confirmed shows at this
      point...the Sanford, Maine Lion's Club show on April 12, 2003
      and the 2003 NMRA National Train Show in Toronto, Ontario next
      July 18-20. At this point, I plan to make the Toronto gathering,
      the final outing for the VECRR at the National Train Show. Five
      NTSs in a row is an excellent record in my book and it's sort of
      like finishing at home.


      I had hoped to return to Europe in 2003 but it looks pretty bleak at
      the moment.

      Following the extraordinary trip to Sinsheim, Goeppingen and
      Munich last March, I was enthusiastic about returning to Europe
      with the VECRR. I tried to contact several shows: Modellbahn
      Sued in Germany, York and London train shows in England,
      Mondial de la maquette in France, US railfans in Switzerland and
      Eurospoor in the Netherlands. Of the six shows, I have had no
      news from Germany, France, London and Holland. The York
      group refused my offer twice claiming that there was no

      Fortunately the Swiss group has shown some interest for Fall
      2004. Overall, I was disappointed by the non-responsiveness of
      the show organisations. I can't really understand how one could
      not be interested in having a champion layout be part of your
      train show, expecially for free! It beats me!

      OK, the frustration of it all has finally worn me out. I truly
      expected to be able to talk to these people, especially the British,
      very strange indeed. Time to move on as they say.

      The only solid booking for Europe is the American Railroadfans
      Convention in Andelswil, Switzerland in October 2004. Not bad
      at all, when you think about it! But I still have slim hopes for
      Eurospoor in October 2003, that is if the show manager ever
      replies to my correspondence.

      OK, 2 shows in 2003, then. What next? It's time to complete my
      ToDo list and finish my model building projects. Since I am goal
      driven, my next and perhaps last major goal is to complete the
      Master Model Railroader qualifications by July 2004, my 50th
      birthday. I hope to present several models for judging at the
      Toronto convention next July and to add substantially to the depth
      of detail on the VECRR for its last BIG show in North America.

      On the road to completing the MMR, I will have to build several
      scratch cars and a locomotive. In addition, I have begun to
      develop a timetable and car forwarding plan in order to finally
      operate the VECRR as a railroad. I promise to share these
      experiences with you here. You can expect to see many more
      postings of modelling and detailing anecdotes as well.

      I hope that you will enjoy sharing my successes and failures
      (remember the recent bicycle fiasco?). It's fun having you join
      me here.

      Jeffrey MacHan
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