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Sinsheim update & Workin' on the railroad

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  • Jeffrey MacHan
    Hello Fellow Valeasians, I know that you are just dying to learn every detail of my preparations for Faszination Modellbau. I also figure that this is a good
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2002
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      Hello Fellow Valeasians,

      I know that you are just dying to learn every detail of my preparations for
      Faszination Modellbau. I also figure that this is a good way to document
      the trials, tribulations and small successes along the way.

      Sinsheim update, January 7, 2002:

      Today marked the point of no return...I booked the airline tickets! Terry
      and I will fly from Toronto to London, England on March 16. We'll spend a
      few days in London to get over the jet lag, meet with Tony, Simon, Graham
      and whomever else we can find. Unfortunately there are no train shows
      during our stay and the Model Railway Club has their meeting on the Thursday
      evening, the very day we'll be flying separately but at the same time to
      Frankfurt, Germany from London - Heathrow.

      Arriving in Frankfurt at 15:40 on March 19, we'll make our way to Sinsheim
      and to our room in the B&B. Set-up is March 20 when we'll discover how the
      layout survived being shipped air-freight. If the track base has not
      suffered any damage, we'll be able to make cosmetic repairs before the show
      starts on March 21. (I hope!)

      March 21-24 is the train show. All the juicy details will be posted here
      for your enjoyment upon our return. I don't plan on taking the Jornada
      because losing it would be heartbreaking for me. I'll take lots of notes
      and digital pictures.

      March 25 is our planned excursion to the M�rklin factory in G�ppingen. I
      still have to reconfirm with Fred Gates of M�rklin Inc. From March 26 to 29
      we are free to terrorize the European train shops and museums with perhaps a
      short stay (obviously) in Amsterdam before returning to Frankfurt for the
      return trip on March 30.


      I now have the exact shipping address for the train show so I can get a
      quote from the bonded freight forwarder here in Toronto.

      I paid a visit to a local custom embroidery shop to drop off the VECRR
      crest. The shop will redo the logo which should be ready in about a week.
      Then we'll get our shirts etc. embroidered with the VECRR logo and our

      Micro-Trains Line is sending out our business cards and color brochures.
      They should arrive sometime next week.

      I have printed out stencils to add the appropriate warnings and
      identification on the shipping case. I will have to move the case to the
      parking garage in order to paint the lettering. On the weekend I bought a
      large can of Krylon industrial sign paint in canary yellow. It should
      really stand out on the black case.

      Working on the railroad:

      I'm still working on Val Ease Ease. There always seems to be so many
      finishing touches...it never ends. I have glued the loose buildings in
      place using tacky craft glue along the foundations and planting bushes and
      scrap to enhance the grunginess of the scenes. A rather big job entailed
      stringing 3 telegraph wires using EZ-Line. It looks great. Hopefully the
      lines will survive the trip. We'll see. Details of my technique along with
      photos will be posted to the "Files - articles - Ztrack" section later.

      Once I have added more vines and bushes tonight, VEE will be presentable.
      Next in line for a full check-up will be Val Ease West. It was working fine
      last November but I want to attach the heavy stuff inside the suitcase,
      string some lines, install a couple of street lights and do some more

      Last up will be Centre Val Ease which needs at least a couple of weeks work
      to get it into proper shape. I'll keep you informed on the work as it


      I hope to have all the logistics and sundry details finished by the end of
      the month. That will leave me all of February to worry about what I might
      have forgotten and what I need to pack...And I'm still waiting for my

      Jeffrey R. MacHan
      Chief Imagineer - Val Ease Central RR

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