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Re: UPDATE! Working on two railroads!

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  • jmac_han
    Good morning fellow Valeasians, fellow KvSBers, fellow Gardenvillagers: Just a little update on progress on the indoor and the outdoor layouts. **KvSB I have
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      Good morning fellow Valeasians, fellow KvSBers, fellow Gardenvillagers:

      Just a little update on progress on the indoor and the outdoor layouts.


      I have finished installing another set of 3 Brawa industrial plug-in socket lights in Neuburg. The tricky part of the wiring was to reduce the input voltage by several volts using 6 diodes in series with the lights. Wired individually they were too bright for the scene, in series of 3, they were too dim. So the diode voltage-dropping solution worked perfectly. I just wired the diodes in a chain and tested the brightness along the chain until I found the most pleasing intensity.

      Over the past week, I have been playing with two sets of Mayerhofer micro LED light strips. I bought them way back in 2003 in Utrecht, Netherlands at the Eurospoor train show. These lights run in 6 sets of red, orange, yellow, green micro LEDs with 10cm of fine connecting wires at both ends of the strip.

      I had fun using Google translation on the german web site which said that the power supply should be 16v AC! Not feeling too comfortable with this info, I set up a strip on the workbench and test one pair of leads using the supplied resistor and a variable DC power source. The lights work perfectly at 7-8v and increase in brightness up to 20v. The LEDs are polarity sensitive so DC is the answer.

      It took me another couple of sessions to install the two strips of lights along the roofline of the station platform on the Abbey section of the layout. The wires are so fine that I only had to use a double-sided tape to hold them in place, out of sight along the inside edge of the roof valence. I drilled a small hole at the base of the roof support and ran the leads through a large hole I cut through the styrofoam base. Hookup was very easy using Marklin plug connectors.

      The lights are tightly packed and look incredible...day and night!


      - I have completed this seasons work on the roadbed structure. Leaves are falling like mad now.

      - I will need several cubic yards / meters of clean fill to prepare the ponds and water features.

      - I have a complete pump, filter and connecting system on the way from Pondworld,com.

      - I finished all the electrical rewiring in the shed and the trackwork is in place. All of the rail joints are secured with brass rail clamps with a dab of conductive grease at each connection.

      - I have tested my Aristo-Craft CREST wireless throttle. My trains run flawlessly over the entire 150' mainline.

      - Today, I picked up a 8 ton capacity hydraulic pump and completed leveling the shed. It had continued to settle a little bit after some heavy rains this week. It is amazing how easy a job is when you have the right tool!

      I suppose I will tackle a couple of landscaping jobs until the snow flies.

      Hope all is well with everyone,

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