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  • jmac_han
    Good evening, fellow Valeasians, I thought it might be fun to update you on my June activities. As of yesterday, I have officially started work on the garden
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2011
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      Good evening, fellow Valeasians,

      I thought it might be fun to update you on my June activities.

      As of yesterday, I have officially started work on the garden railroad infrastructure. I cut a large opening in the side of my garden shed and test fit a double track to make sure that passing trains will not snag on anything.

      Cutting the opening was the easy part. It took me three weekends to dig out the rear supports and jack the shed to level. I also found out why the shed was sinking in the first place...a ground hog den! I have filled in as much of the tunnels as I could reach but the ground hog is still in the neighborhood. It comes out to sun itself on the shed entry flagstone every once in a while.

      The next big challenge I have with the shed is to have an electrician come by to sort out the wiring. I have a 220v junction box which feeds a 110v junction box which feeds several lighting circuits and a ground fault outlet. The outlet is wired safely, my ground fault tester says so. But the circuit has no juice! I can't run anything from it. Obviously something is wrong!

      I do not want to fiddle around with this kind of circuitry (beyond my limited electrical experience). So if I ever want to run trains, I need to get the electricity sorted out.


      For three weeks in June, Canada Post was shut down in a labor dispute. The mail is being delivered but I have not seen any mail or packages for a month now. I have several eBay purchases that are overdue.

      The KvSB has reached an advanced state of completion so I am now putting together the bits for various projects to keep me busy this Fall.

      I bid for and won, on two separate auctions, two Liliput OBB 2095 C-C diesel locomotives. I figure that with two engines I will be able to get one working flawlessly. The units have two different liveries, both Era III and IV. I am really curious to see if the 2095 loco will negotiate my extreme curves.

      Also during June, I sold off the OBB electric loco and 3 Roco Mariazellerbahn passenger coaches. They sold for double what I paid and covered the cost of the two incoming OBB diesels.

      I also bought on eBay Belgium, a non-working Liliput U-type 0-6-2T steamer for a future loco bash project (0-4-4-0 Mallet). I found a French discussion group where a very talented modeler has made a couple of Mallets from the Liliput U steamers. I have my eye on another loco to complete the raw parts portion of the project.

      I have also been successful in selling off most of the leftovers (building kits, scenery materials, etc.) on eBay. I have another round of auctions to launch either this weekend or next. If the sales dry up I will donate the unsold materials to the local HO train club.

      I stopped by my local hobby shop this afternoon looking for another set of Brawa industrial lights. The shop did not have the style I wanted but I did find a Seuthe smoke unit and an MRC DCC decoder in the "slashed prices to get the stuff outta here" bin". The prices were too good to pass up. The smoke unit will go in the Tavern that I am still working on and the decoder will put into storage as "backup" when the time comes to add decoders to the 2095 locos and the future Mallet. Remember, I burned 2 decoders for 6 successful installations, a 25% failure rate. It is only good insurance to have 4 decoders available for 3 locos!

      The weather is perfect for gardening and dreaming about garden railroads! Hope all is well with you and have a terrific summer.


      P.S. All the best to the Z gang in Sacramento for the 2011 NMRA National Train Show.
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