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1341www.Val-Ease-Central.com up and running

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  • jmac_han
    Apr 8, 2013
      Greetings fellow Valeasians,

      After changing my FTP programme last Friday night, I was able to greatly accelerate the transfer of my web pages to the new ISP host.

      I was also able to install an FTP client on my Nexus 7 tablet which I will use to compose new content while sipping a Latté on my deck overlooking the Gardenville Short Line. Hooray for technology!

      So the site is up and running. Hopefully, I have double checked all of the links and pages. If you notice something, please let me know.

      In the Library section, I have identified several files that I need to rejuvenate and I have two complete sections to compose: one on the KvSB layout and another on DCC decoder installations in Liliput HOe locomotives. I have not been able to find any DCC info on the web regarding small Liliput engines so I might as well do my part.

      Oh, I almost forgot, I have to upload the Paris Miniatures Salon travelog in the VEC AmaZing Adventures section. Lots of photos and anecdotes from 2008! It might have been a few years ago but the trip was FUNtastic as they say.

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