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1330KvSB update

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  • jmac_han
    Nov 4, 2011
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      Good evening, fellow Valeasians,

      Over the past few weeks I have been mainly busy with the garden railroad but I nevertheless have spent a bit of time on the KvSB.

      In a fit of gluing, I finished assembling the Neuburg water tower and the Neuburg gate tower. I have begun to string together a series of 1.5v axial microlights to illuminate the gate tower rooms. Installation will happen when inspiration checks in!

      However, the main news is that I finally rummaged through my old collection of Floquil railroading paints (all are still liquid and useable) and found the bottle of boxcar red (brown) that I use to weather nickel silver rails. I also found a decent paintbrush with a wide but stiff bristle edge to apply the paint in quick strokes along the rail sides.

      Following my rail weathering frenzy, I used the same brush and paint to dry brush rust streaks on various pieces of metal equipment, cranes, bridges, downspouts and roof lines until the paint was gone.

      I will clean the paint of the rail heads using a Peco rail cleaning eraser and wipe them down using a chamois to remove residue and eraser dust.

      There is still a major task ahead to weather the old city walls and the tile roofs in Neuburg. The sections are all removable since I went to the effort to glue button magnets inside each section so that they would grip their neighbors and stay in place on the baseboard.

      I also stopped in at my local hobby shop and found some scenery details that fit in nicely: a weathered old-time caterpillar loader with 3-man crew, a tool shed and outhouse combo, and an elevated 3-tank diesel - oil fuel station.

      I suppose there really is no more room on the layout for more structures but I like to stay in the hunt, just in case!