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1323Ran first train on the new Gardenville Short Line Railroad

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  • jmac_han
    Oct 1, 2011
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      Hi Gang,

      After several months of construction, I have finished measuring, assembling, bending, cutting and clamping the last 30 feet of the garden railroad mainline. Then at 6PM I ran a fine sanding pad over the length of the layout, hooked up an LGB kit transformer, placed my old reliable Bachmann circus 0-4-0 on the track and cranked open the throttle...

      ...lo and behold, it ran like a champion over the full two hundred feet of mainline, no slowing down, no stalling! This loco has not run in over 6 years!

      The next test was with a consist made up of a combine, a two-wagon circus flat and a caboose. The little Porter loco pulled the train up the grades with no problem. I even ran the train backwards to check for turnout problems...perfect performance.

      I still can't claim to have a fully operational garden layout, the loop inside the shed still has to be connected. I need to find another derelict door somewhere to complete the base for the return loops (three in all). Still it is very satisfying to know that my outdoor trackwork is electrically sound.

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