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1316Re: "Never Stall" really works! Roco 0-6-0 results

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  • jmac_han
    Aug 6, 2011
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      Hi Don,

      It's hard to say if the turnout had a mechanical problem or oxidation at its electrical contacts.

      All I can attest to is that the 0-6-0 locos in my roster, including the Roco unit that I lubed last night, all work better than I have ever seen. The Roco 0-6-0 only has 4 wheels in contact with the track, just like the Marklin 0-6-0 steamer. I added wipers to the center wheel set but that did not make much of a difference going over Peco dead frog turnouts.

      Things improved when I applied the silver conductive paint to the frog flangeways but the stalling was not completely cured.

      After applying Never Stall to the wheel flanges of the Roco 0-6-0 and running it for about 2 feet, it began to run more smoothly and I could drop the speed to a nice prototypical crawl with no hesitation going over two of my most demanding Peco turnouts.

      Previously, the Roco stalled almost constantly on these turnouts unless I cranked up the speed. Note: I am using an older Lenz decoder so there is no virtual electronic flywheel effect. If the loco loses electrical contact, it loses the DCC signal and stops then restarts. Not very satisfying for the operator.

      So far, I have been running the three loco types to see if the effect wears off but so far the engines start smoothly and continue to run perfectly.

      Say hello to Mister Dave for me.


      --- In VECRR@yahoogroups.com, "Don" <zbarr474@...> wrote:
      > This is a quote from Dave George,
      > "Same stuff. I did not use in engines. I only touched some on one of the balky turnouts. I could not see much difference."

      > ...don
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